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The 8 Best Gyms in America

by Steven Brown
Best Gyms in America

A myriad of fitness centers, health and wellness facilities, CrossFit boxes, and various fitness centers fill fifty states.

Most of us have one particular that we consider ours and we visit (hopefully) often. But is it the best one in the state? Men’s Fitness and Yelp worked together to provide you with the top gyms across the nation. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other top-quality gyms However, these eight gyms stood out from the rest of the field.

Gyms were selected based on the number of positive reviews and the overall rating of the business’s stars on Yelp.

1. Alaska

Spas massage therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers, you’ll be being treated as a royal when you visit any of the dozens of The Alaska Club locations and affiliates located in Anchorage. Self-defense classes as well as a variety of other workshops are available. be found within a large portion of all of these clubs.

What people are saying about the course: “The classes are awesome…rooms are large, well lit comfortable, and tidy. The instructors are fantastic. The machines are well-maintained and well maintained. They are clean and I’ve never experienced any issues.” C. E.

Noteworthy: Extensive installation, ultra-modern facility

2. Esporta Fitness

Esporta Fitness is a solid introduction to the budget-friendly gym world, offering memberships at $9.99 each month. The best part, however, is that you have the ability to enjoy the same facilities you’d get at a mid-range gym if you decide to change your subscription. Be aware of any charges that aren’t disclosed and make sure you visit the gym you’re at to make sure you’re satisfied with the personnel.

3. Alabama (Northport)

Northridge Fitness is something of an ideal place for those who love fitness. Members have a variety of classes available. They also offer private training sessions, as well as a range of membership options for people of all ages and families. Furthermore, Northridge also functions as a CrossFit gym.

4. Arizona (Tuscan)

Within Chuze Fitness, one will discover all the facilities of a modern, luxurious gym. With two low-cost membership options and a vast array of classes available, Chuze Fitness gives you the best value for your money.

Reviewers’ comments: “I’ve been to several gyms, and this one outdoes all others. The equipment and machines are in excellent and well-maintained and in excellent condition. Nothing is ever broken or damaged. The whole place is incredibly tidy. The tanning and hydro massage beds are fantastic!” -Amanda S.

5. Connecticut (Glastonbury)

The name might refer to Central Rock Gym, but apart from climbing walls, the gym is a good source of cardio and strength training equipment along with classes and programs for kids and adults.

Reviewers have said: “They have lots of ropes/routes to climb, which include lead climbing routes, as well as a decent bouldering area. They alter the routes on different walls regularly and there are plenty of options for each grade.” Kasey B.

6. Florida (Boca Raton)

Its Facility for Personal Training in Boca Raton is just that. It has a committed staff who assist the majority of women and men who are 40 or more, this exclusive gym is perfect for people seeking a bit more individual attention.

Reviewers’ comments: “Great place for a exercise. Only clients, trainers and top equipment are present. No classes, crowds or social events simply good old exercising.” Beth

7. Hawaii (Honolulu)

Its Fitness Ranes facility could be a rival to some professional teams’ indoor training facilities.

What are the opinions of reviewers: “There are always enough instructors to meet the needs of the participants taking part in the class. The facilities are excellent. Showers and water, clean towels parking validation and even a shake for workouts is included.” Bryan G.

Notable: Sprawling surroundings with a highly trained and knowledgeable staff for training, Bootcamps for groups and individuals

8. Idaho (Coeur d’Alene)

It’s hard to come across something which Peak Health and Wellness Center hasn’t got. Within this sprawling city are saunas, showers with private showers, jacuzzis and steam rooms; as well as classes for group fitness as well as strength training equipment an indoor pool, and basketball courts.

What are reviewers saying: “Whether you’re into functional training and powerlifting, training for sports or simply keeping healthy, I can imagine any person getting an excellent workout here.” Olesya N.

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