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The best way to avoid negative marking in competitive exams

by Steven Brown

Do you aim to achieve good scores in the competitive exams? If yes, then ask yourself whether you are fully prepared to fulfill this dream or not. Remember that, you need to overcome your weaknesses in order to avoid flaws and score well in the exam. If you believe that you are prepared enough to crack the competitive exam, then you can follow some tips to eliminate the risk of negative marking. 

In this article, we have featured some effective tips you can follow to reduce the risk of negative marking. Well, these tips can only secure your marks if you know the correct answer. If you are giving the wrong answer and expecting that these tips can lower the risk of negative marking, your assumption is not going to be true. To solve answers correctly in the SSC CGL exam, you can get proper coaching and work hard regularly.

Here is a remarkable way to avoid negative marking in competitive exams: 

  • Read and follow the rules carefully 

While attempting the competitive exam, you need to follow rules and regulations. If you don’t follow up on the rules, it will make you more prone to negative marking. Suppose, if you are instructed to fill your OMR sheet with a blue ball pen only and you are using a red gel pen, the examiner can disqualify you for disregarding the rules. So, before plugging into questions, make sure to consider the rules and regulations mentioned on the sheet. 

  • Pay strong heed to questions 

Do you start solving questions right after you receive a question paper? If yes, then you need to change this habit. Remember that it is crucial to first have a proper understanding of the questions before you start solving them. Therefore, give 10 minutes to analyze the type of questions in the question paper. Make sure to read every question calmly and attentively. Otherwise, you might make a lot of mistakes in hassle. Once you get aware of the questions you have to tackle, you can solve questions appropriately and lower the risk of negative marking. 

  • Avoid marking doubtful answers 

You might not be able to complete the entire exam syllabus before the exam date. You may appear in the exam with some uncovered topics. Don’t worry! You can still eliminate the chances of negative marking with a smart strategy. Note that some candidates try to solve every question even if they are aware of the concept or not. This way, they fall prey to the negative marking scheme. Here comes work! You just have to solve questions you are sure about and avoid solving doubtful questions. If you are just marking correct answers, there will be no chance of negative marking. 

  • Avoid oral calculations 

As competitive exams are national level and state level exams, the selection procedure will undoubtedly be stringent. The question paper will surely comprise a number of tricky and complex questions. Therefore, don’t risk your scores by solving such questions with oral calculations. It is better to use a rough sheet to do such calculations. Well, make sure to do calculations neatly in an organized way. Otherwise, messy calculations will create confusion and increase the chances of negative marking. 

Furthermore, you can do speedy calculations by using short tricks, formulas, tables and flowcharts. However, you need to do enough practice to know whether all these methods are perfectly working on every type of question or not. 

  • Don’t mark answers in the last minutes 

When only 5-7 minutes are left for the exam to finish, candidates start attempting answers in a hurry. They start marking answers with guesses which enhances the portability of incorrect answers and thus boosts the risk of negative marking. Therefore, don’t get pressurized if some questions are still left to be solved at the last minute. Instead, stay calm and try to just mark those questions you exactly know. If there isn’t any question you are sure about, just go through the questions you have solved and cross-check them. 

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Summing up

To sum up, even though you attempt a number of questions correctly, if you have also solved a number of questions incorrectly, it will lower your overall scores. Therefore, make sure to follow the pertinent tips to eliminate the risk factor of the negative marking scheme in competitive exams. 

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