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The Importance of an Outline in Writing Assignments

by Steven Brown
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Almost every person has been familiar with writing an assignment since their school years. Your teacher assigns you a title or keyword for you to work on. However, you’ll always find deadlines within which you should submit your homework.

This post will discuss the role of an outline in your assignment. An outline helps you layout and arrange your concepts in a proper sequence. You can pick related information or quotations from your sources as well.

12 Steps to follow to create an outline

The outline can improve your paper and let you notice the relation between your thoughts and your ideas. According to myassignmenthelp.com, the outline acts as a first paper draft, and a complete outline can help you create a more effective essay.

1. Start with a prompt or question 

Create the outline at the top of the page with a question. You can also think of new ways to make one.

2. Place a thesis statement 

Your first move to establish an outline is through a thesis statement. It’ll help you get the fundamental concepts you’ll place within the paragraphs.

3. Consider your approach 

Think about how you’ll approach your argument. Then, identify the different ways to place the core points and support your idea. For example, you can use bullet points on each topic.  

4. Focus on the secondary aspects 

Now, check whether you’ll place different outline styles like bullet points or numbers. Next, focus on the theme and paragraphs of your essay. Finally, you can use the working thesis statement to establish the order and format of the paragraphs.

5. Create the outline 

You can use the information within the thesis statement for the essay’s outline. Your outline should include a counterargument after the topic sentences.

6. Work on the counterargument

Your counterargument should be rough. Therefore, you can follow a more detailed approach from My Assignment Help Reviews when you write it.   

7. Include supporting details 

Go through the topic sentences and place details that support your topic sentences. The details should support the thesis statement. You can use transition sentences in between the paragraphs.

8. Use the outline details for a proper paragraph 

Now, you can create a proper paragraph with the outline. The essay prompt will declare the type of outline you’ll place in your assignment.     

9. Work on your assignment 

Identify the vital portions of your paper and use bullet points to divide your content. This way, your assignment will be more apparent to you.  

10. Dividing the paragraphs 

While writing your essay, you can divide the paragraph according to the involved details. Repeat this process in each paragraph.

11. Focus on the main point 

Your essay will discuss the main issue that’ll appear in different places throughout the paper. Therefore, it should use every available approach to describe your claim.

12. Concluding your paper 

When you finalize your work, collect the core points and logically link them. Then, while revising your essay and making it better, remember to touch on the conclusion.

Do not repeat the topic and the thesis statement in the conclusion. But, you can rephrase your main argument from the different paragraphs. Finally, complete your document with a final appeal to the central claim from Myassignmenthelp Review.


The outline helps you make the basic structure for your essay. Without it, your essay will not make much sense to your readers.

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