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The Methods for Achieving a Perfect Score on SAT Exams

by Steven Brown
SAT Exams

Already, the SAT exams are tough and obtaining a perfect score may seem like a difficult task for most students. But you can obtain a perfect score with the right preparation and hard work. The minimum SAT score is 400, and the maximum score is 1600. Few students are able to achieve the perfect score on SAT exams; perfection in SAT Math prep will help students achieve the best results. SAT exams have three sections: maths, reading and writing. Every section has 800 marks, and to achieve the perfect score, you need to score 800 in each of the sections.

SAT Exams: General Guidelines to Follow to Obtain the Perfect Score

Familiarize with the pattern of the exam.

Before you start preparing, familiarize yourself with the concept of the exam. While most students are proficient in Math, writing, and reading, failing to understand the format properly may cost them in the exams. Since its inception, the SAT exam format has undergone numerous changes. It is vital that you keep up with the changes, and model your preparation methods accordingly. All the questions except the grid in the Maths section would be in the MCQ format with 4 choices.

Be aware of the scoring system.

Because the ACT uses a 36-point scale, the SAT’s 1600-point scoring system may be confusing. In a SAT exam, raw scores are calculated first and then converted to a scale of 200 to 800. You need to have a rough idea of the scoring pattern, and the best SAT prep courses will throw light on the same. You also need to be aware of the minimum number of mistakes that you can make to achieve a perfect score in the SAT exams. The moment you are aware of the SAT exams inside out, no one can stop you from achieving the perfect score.

Begin the preparations well in advance.

It is vital that you start off your preparations well in advance so that students have sufficient time to practice and revise. The sooner you start off your preparations it will enable you to achieve the perfect score. In a way you can educate yourself about the concepts without any stress. It is natural for the students to experience nervousness and anxiety during the exams but those things can be overcome if you start your preparations well in advance.

Set small goals

To achieve the perfect score in SAT exams a goal oriented approach is vital for the students. Yes the larger goal is to achieve the perfect score, but it would be better if you may break it down into smaller goals for your betterment. List out your weakness, and devise strategies by which you may overcome them in a phased manner. If Maths seems difficult for you, you can set a goal where you master the difficult sections within a couple of weeks. Once you set smaller goals it enables you to keep a track of the longer goals.


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