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The Ultimate Guide Instagram Influencers Worth Working in 2022

by Steven Brown
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It’s obvious. Brands can use Instagram to reach the right audience. Instagram has over a billion users and is invaluable in your toolkit.What is the secret to all of this? Influencers on Instagram.Get ready to dive right in. This guide will cover everything you need about influencer marketing, including: click here

  • What is Instagram influencer marketing?
  • How to select Instagram influencers that will help your brand
  • How to find the most influential Instagram users
  • What is Instagram influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing on Instagram is a unique type of social media marketing. Marketers use it to build trust between Instagram influencers, their followers and the marketer.An influencer might endorse a product by recommending it in a post.

They might mention a skincare brand in an Instagram live broadcast.Influencers are experts within their field. They are experts in their niche. These endorsements can increase sales, engagement, and brand awareness for businesses.

  • Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, 500M+ daily and 500k influential Instagram users.
  • However, in short, Instagram is the new trend. Brands have also caught on.
  • 2021 Instagram Marketing Quick Statistics
  • Instagram ads revenue is $18B+ annually.

Spending on Instagram influencer marketing is estimated at $15B annually

Brands can make $5.20 per $1 invested in Instagram Influencer Marketing.

Instagram users engage with influencers with up to 37%

Over half of marketers use influencer marketing in their strategy

Marketers should include Instagram influencer marketing in their toolbox. It cannot be easy to find the right influencer partner.https://businesspara.com/

Instagram isn’t just for brands. It’s “wannabe” influencers, too. Every year, influencer fraud costs millions in marketing dollars. Marketing dollars are at risk from fake followers, bots, or false engagement. However, even if you find an authentic influencer, they might not be suitable for your campaign.

How to select Instagram influencers that will help your brand

Imagine the best-case scenario for influencer marketing. This will help you to identify what you want in an influencer partnership.

Here are some tips for marketers and brands to help them find Instagram influencers.

Know your audience

However, you must identify and understand potential customers before you can advertise to them. Marketer for a brand that makes protein shakes. Protein shakes are designed to solve a particular problem for a specific group. Your target customer will be someone who is not a bodybuilder

Are you on a fitness journey?

  • Daily intake of high-quality protein is essential
  • Are you too busy to create a recipe from scratch?
  • Your target audience is the one who has the exact problem your business solves.
  • This overlap can be used to inform you:
  • Brand Voice
  • How your brand communicates to your target audience.
  • Ask yourself:
  • What is my brand’s “sound”?


Down-to-earth, inspirational, gritty, confident

The persona of the user

This fictional person embodies your end-user and informs your marketing strategy.

Ask yourself:

Who would my customers be if they all rolled into one person? Which customer best represents the customer I want?


Seventeen Magazine’s Teena, Goodbye Crutches Andy the Athlete, JetBlue’s Budget Traveler.Let’s combine these concepts and create a brand that “gets” the audience. Bigelow Tea.Ashley Rene, a blogger and Influencer from the tea company that dates back decades, was chosen to partner with the brand. The goal was to reach a younger audience via Instagram. The results were terrific.

Why this Influencer Partnership makes sense

Bigelow Tea has been around for generations. They wanted to spice up the message and reach young women. However, ashley Rene is a perfect choice.Rene has an impressive following on Instagram, with over 30,000 followers and nearly 1,600 posts.

Cherished Bliss is her lifestyle blog. Her blog is focused on design and curated aesthetics from the Southern United States.

Bigelow’s tea was featured in the campaign as a critical ingredient for Rene’s signature recipe. Bigelow’s message was aimed at Southern women and featured beautiful photography.

However, the campaign received much attention due to its explicit call to action. The partnership resulted in 32k+ blog engagements and an 18.5% rise in sales.

The Key Takeaway

Recognize your target audience and learn how to reach them. Find an influencer with the same audience.

Goal Strategy Desired Outcome KPIs

Brand Ambassador Program * Organic, grassroots growth to increase brand awareness

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Create online buzz about your brand, product or service
  • Surveys
  • Web traffic
  •  Social listening (online mentions)

Increase online engagement with user-generated content

  • Conversations between brand and customer
  • Make new connections
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comment

Promos to drive sales (special sales or coupon codes). * Increase your customer base.

Increase word of mouth

  • Rapidly increased e-commerce revenues * Sales growth
  • Order numbers
  • Number of leads generated
  • Identify the campaign’s goal.

Each influencer campaign must have a clearly defined goal that can easily be measured. Here are some examples:

  • Brand awareness can be increased
  • Boost online engagement
  • Drive sales

Your campaign’s goals should guide your influencer partnership. You risk losing your marketing budget if your goal and influencer choice are incompatible. This will make it difficult for you to reach the right audience.

As an example, suppose that you want to increase social media engagement.However, partner with influencers who place more importance on their Instagram followers than their website.

Let’s look at some common goals and give examples of how they might work.However, you can also use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Whatever your campaign goal, it is essential to partner with an influencer. They must have a tangible, measurable impact on their online communities.

The Key Takeaway

Identify your campaign goals and key performance indicators. Next, find an influencer that can help you achieve those goals.

Find your ideal Influencer.

You now have a clear picture of your audience and your goals. Now it’s time for the next step: Imagine your ideal Influencer. These questions will help you get started.

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