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The Ultimate Guide to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

by Steven Brown

Every entrepreneur and business owner wants to grow his or her company, but not all of them have the time or expertise to build their own websites or applications from scratch. That’s where having a team of Ruby on Rails developers can come in handy—not only do they have an expert level of knowledge in your specific field, but they’re also able to take your idea and turn it into something great! However, once you’ve found your ideal Ruby on Rails developer, how do you hire them? Here are seven tips that will help you get the right person for the job!

Reasons for hiring a developer

One good reason is that you’re busy and you need someone else to take care of things while you take care of more important matters. Maybe it’s something technical, like a new website. Or maybe it’s more marketing-oriented—you want your business to look bigger and better than it really is, so you hire an expert consultant who can help with that. It might be some other kind of work, such as managing your accounting and bookkeeping or helping you find new ways to bring in new customers. No matter what exactly it is, hiring a professional should never be a one-time thing. You need someone reliable—maybe even long-term—to take care of things when they go wrong.

Finding developers through freelancing sites

There are a number of great places to find developers who are looking for contract work. In fact, development is one of the most common freelance gigs because it’s an easy skill set for anyone with a computer. When looking through these sites, try to find someone who has completed work in your niche before. Even if you aren’t hiring for something specific at first, you can get a sense of how many projects they’ve worked on, how long it took them and what feedback they have from other clients (or potential clients).

Finding developers through outsourcing agencies

Agencies are a great way to go if you need a small number of junior or intermediate developers for short-term projects, like developing an API. Many agencies provide references from clients and will do their best work when they know that continuing support is important. However, be aware that once you hand over your project’s code, it might be hard for your agency partners to hit the ground running—your systems may not integrate with theirs. Outsourcing developers through agencies can cost more per hour than hiring full-time employees but depending on your project needs and budget constraints, it might make sense. Read more on business para

Finding developers using job boards

If you’re looking for a full-stack developer, you can post ads with all of the major job boards: CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed, Monster and SimplyHired. Craigslist is also a popular destination for developers. However, for tech positions like programming or coding jobs—where posting in multiple locations may be necessary—you might want to consider using a specialized job board instead. Developer-focused job boards include CoDeveloperJobs, Stack Overflow Careers and Hacker News Jobs.

Finding developers using social media platforms

Getting in touch with developers isn’t as hard as you might think. A good place to start is by connecting with people via social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, which are often teeming with techies. If you want to connect directly with a specific person, try using social discovery tool Mentionm which helps track down journalists, bloggers and other professionals relevant to your industry. Remember: never spam someone via their public account; it’s both unprofessional and can result in that person blocking you from contacting them further.

Finding developers through your own network

The best way to hire great developers is through referrals. Look for engineers with whom you’ve worked, colleagues at other companies and friends who are developers in your social circles. Make sure you have a deep understanding of their work style and personality traits before extending a referral. You’ll have a better chance of finding people you truly get along with, as well as people who will be willing to put in extra effort for an employer they already know.

In-person meeting with the developer

Before you hire a developer, see how they perform in person. You’re going to spend hours with them in your office, so don’t let your decision be based solely on a resume or interview. Ask them questions about their past work experience, ask about things they haven’t been asked before, and write down their answers for future reference. Make sure you trust them before handing over thousands of dollars of projects and a key part of your business infrastructure. Watch out for red flags such as: showing up late for an interview, having no questions prepared (or uninterested in talking about your company), taking more than 20 seconds to answer simple questions like where do you see yourself in five years?, having poor dress or hygiene habits, or generally displaying disinterest.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of times when you need someone to help you with creating and setting up your app and that’s why developers play such an important role in every business. They are in charge of hiring professional coders, project managers, graphic designers, user experience specialists as well as writers who will help them realize their vision. That’s why knowing how to hire ruby on rails developers is very important for all businesses. The ultimate guide for finding ruby on rails developer can be found here . It is written by industry experts and focuses on helping people from different industries find what they need – from small startups to big companies. This is really useful information that could help save time and money!

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