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Tips for Great Custom Candle Label Designs

by Steven Brown
Custom Candle Label Designs

Congratulations on setting up your candle business! When it comes to candle label design, there are a few basic things to keep in mind:

  • The label material must be able to withstand heat so as to keep the candles safe and in great shape.
  • Including the fire safety warnings as required by the National Candle Association proves to the buyer that you care about their safety and are serious about product quality.

The above-stated priorities are just the tip of the iceberg; a lot more is required to make your product look great. The choices you make greatly influence how shoppers react to your brand.

Does the Candle Label Design Matter?

Of course, it does!

Taking candle label design for granted is a recipe for failure. It is good to keep in mind the fact that shoppers don’t want to spend the whole day comparing products. They are more likely to purchase from a brand whose custom label appeals to them.

Candle Packaging for Increased Market Success

Candle packaging is the simplest way to let buyers in on what they are purchasing, while features like wax color and aroma help them decide what to buy.

A custom candle label is a great technique to attract first-time shoppers and draw in repeat business. Someone who has just loved your candles’ fragrance will go to the store and scan the shelves for candles with the same label design.

Focusing on Candle Label Designs

Now that you have decided to focus on your candle package design, it is time to choose the graphics, colors, and font types.

A short browse through a collection of candle label ideas on Pinterest can easily demonstrate how many alternatives you have.

Some examples are:

Packaging using complementary colors

If black and white are not your “thing,” create an expressive effect with color-coordinated graphics or solid color blocks.

Minimalistic packaging

The main selling features of a candle are the wax and the scent. Using a simple design can be more effective than you may imagine. Using white font on a black background or black font on a white background are both common options.

Experiment with various label shapes

Die-cutting grants you the freedom to create labels with curved edges on one or both sides, as well as bolder forms like starbursts. These might enhance the appearance of your candle packaging.

Candle stickers for jar lids

You don’t have to stick your label to the glass candle jar. A simple round customized sticker on the glass jar lid ensures that the wax is still visible from all sides while allowing you enough labeling room.

Utilizing evocative artwork

Simple imagery can help shoppers to visualize the fragrance of your candle. For instance, a classic line drawing can help you get the customer to visualize a fresh, botanical scent. The best thing about these simple visuals is that they portray the desired message nicely without being too cluttered.

It would be best if you made all of your candle label options with your business identity in mind. What emotions do you wish to elicit? That’s what your candle packaging should be for.

Time to Actualize Your Branded Candle Label Design Ideas

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