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Tips for Keeping Your Plants Healthy

by Steven Brown

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If you are a lover of plants, then you know that there is a lot of care that you need to provide so that they remain as healthy as possible. In order to help you keep your plants as healthy as possible, we’ve listed a few tips to help.

Keep Your Plants Watered

Watering your plants may seem like a tricky endeavor. This could be due to the individual requirements that each plant has, the way they grow, and if the plant undergoes any seasonal changes. Knowing this, it is better to have your plants watered only as the plant needs it.

Normally, watering should take place when an inch of dry soil is present. With succulents and cacti, the amount of water needed will be less, while plants that flower may need a higher amount. Try to avoid overwatering so that the plant does not die. When you do not know how much water your plant should have, then it is better to give less than to give too much.

Periodically Provide Fertilizer

The amount of fertilizer to provide to your plants can be similarly tricky to the amount of water. The amount will depend on the plant’s age, the season, and its rate of growth. Many plants will have growth spurts occur as spring comes along, so this will be a good time to use hydroponics fertilizers. As the days get shorter, there will not be a need for much fertilizer. Make sure to consult the labeling of the fertilizer so that you are providing the recommended amount. If you over-fertilize plants, the roots may become burned and their growth may be affected.

Provide Propagation

Propagating your plants provides many benefits. Not only does it encourage growth, but it can also rejuvenate the plant. Also, you will gain additional plants from existing ones.

Many plants even have offsets that can be planted as individual new plants. When you trim some plants, they may develop a new root system once the stem touches the soil. These plants make a perfectly new plant after propagating.

Conduct Repotting

The plant roots will tell you whether to conduct repotting or not. When the plant’s roots are root bound, you will need to replant it in a bigger pot. Repotting is also needed if the pot is significantly smaller. If repotting is not an option, then you can trim the roots and add fresh soil. While repotting, make sure to divide the plants that have more than one stem so that new plants can grow.

Wipe Away Plant Dust

Cleaning your plants will permit them to look even better. So when the dust begins to collect on the leaves, it is best to wipe them clean with water and a soft brush. If the plant leaves are smooth, you can wipe the dust with a cloth once a collection of dust develops. Besides your plants looking fresh, the plants will be able to take in a higher amount of light for photosynthesis.

Plant Pinching And Pruning

Pinching and pruning can take place when you want. However, the fall works best for pruning once growth ends in the summer. When you prune your plants, they will be prevented from growing too big. When the plants are cut back at least 4 inches will allow rejuvenation.

Pruning is also an effective technique when growth is encouraged for plants that trail or have bare bases. Keep the cuts above side shoots or new buds. These cuts will be where growth will take place. Ensure that all diseased and dead growth is removed so that it does not spread.

When you provide pinching, it is referred to as the removal of the tips of the stems by pinching them off with a pruner or your fingers. By pinching, you are promoting side buds to grow. Pinching will work best with plants that grow fast and will maintain their full appearance.


By keeping your plants looking healthy, they will be able to provide you with a continuous amount of beauty and will also keep you healthy by being able to freshen the air you breathe.

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