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Tips To Get Admission In The Michigan University

by Steven Brown

Michigan University is among the top colleges in the World. Many students dream of getting admission into this university but it is not easy. Michigan University has an acceptance rate of 26.1%. This means that students have to compete really hard to be worthy candidates. Don’t let this quit you before you even try. You may be asking yourself then, how can you get admission to the University of Michigan? Well, we are here to answer just that.

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Tips To Get Admission In The Michigan University

Let’s put a hold on discussing the tips you can use to get into Michigan University. First, we need to find out what you will need to get admission to this college:

  1. The average high school GPA that you will need is 3.87,
  2. You will need an SAT score of about 1340-1520.
  3. In the case of ACT, you will have to score 31-34
  4. Very well-written application essay
  5. Extracurricular activities

Now let’s dive into the tips that will help you achieve the above goals and stand out.

Achieve Good Grades And Scores On SAT/ ACT

The process of getting high GPA is to study well. Of course, if you are looking for these tips, you want to know how to achieve these high grades. Following are some ways that can help you get good grades in high school.

Make A Routine

Begin your journey of studying for a course by making a routine. Visualize the process of getting to that A+ grade. You need to create a road map.

Break down your tasks into smaller ones. Doing this will keep your motivation high and you will be consistent in your studies.

Sleep Well

A part of studying well is sleeping well. I know they seem in complete contrast to each other but trust me. Sleep has a huge impact on your ability to study.

If you do not get your 8 hours of quality sleep then you can feel lazy the entire day. This will make you lose any motivation to study. You can also fall short of your routine.

Keep Yourself Motivated

This may seem a trivial aspect but in reality, this has the highest effect on your studies. The key element to do anything is to want to do it.

If you are not motivated to study then you’ll only procrastinate. Hence, stay motivated. Remind yourself of the bigger goal you want to achieve. This will keep you focused and motivated.

Write A Good Application Essay

Your application essay will give the college the first look into who you are. It will present your character and personality while also reflecting your writing skills.

Your application essay will also show the college who you are as a person, your past, and your future goals. This is why a good application essay is very important.

Here are some tips to improve your application essay:

Create An Outline

Just like your study schedule, you need to organize your essay as well. Before you begin writing, make an outline of your essay. Answer key questions.

For example, what do you want to tell about yourself? What this essay should reflect about you? Why are you choosing the college which you are? How do you want to be perceived?

Make Sure There Are No Grammatical Mistakes

The presence of grammatical mistakes is a sign of a poorly written essay. You don’t want to give a bad impression with your essay. It should show your credibility. So, make sure you are not making any grammatical mistakes while writing. Review your essay a couple of times to be sure of it.

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Use Good Vocabulary

Using good vocabulary does not mean using lengthy words that are hard to pronounce. They do not make you seem smart but give away the fact that you are trying too hard. Your reader does not want a difficult essay where he needs to google every other word.

You need to use just the right words. This means using words that are neither too difficult nor too childish or informal. It should be creative and attention-catching.

Extracurricular Activities

Besides your education and grades, colleges also look at different things you have been a part of. These highlights the extra skills you may have. It also shows how active you are. This is why it is important to focus on doing different activities alongside your education.

Here are some examples of extracurricular activities that you can take part in. these will for sure impress your college and increase your chance of getting admission.

Do Community Service

This is easily the most in-demand and impressive extracurricular activity that you can do. Colleges need to know how much you care about your surroundings. This includes the people and the environment. Doing community service also portrays your character. It tells the college that you are someone who is responsible and looks after your surroundings.

This is the kind of student colleges need. They want a student who will bring that positivity to their campus. A student who will take care of the community within the college as well.

Sports And Educational Clubs

Take an active part in sports and educational clubs. You may enroll in clubs that share your interests. Show your college that you take your hobbies seriously. With your studies, you can still pursue your hobbies. This will also give them an idea of what you do during leisure. Knowing it is something productive is definitely impressive.


So, you need to focus on three elements to get admission to Michigan University or any other for that matter. First, focus on improving your grades and preparing for SAT or ACT. This should be your first priority because your admission is highly dependent on them. Secondly, make sure that your essay reflects well on you. It should be well-written and creative. Write about yourself in a manner that keeps your reader invested. Lastly, take part in extracurricular activities. These make a good impression, especially in community service.

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