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Tips to revolutionize your wardrobe

by Steven Brown

Most of us are always on the lookout for good jewelry. Once we do find it, we tend to buy it and keep it safe for the “right time”. Unfortunately, some of the jewelry never sees the light of day and gets tucked away in your box till you remember it months later. Use these nifty tricks to avoid this from happening and enjoy your entire collection of jewelry to its fullest.

Stacks and layers are always a good idea

Layering and stacking were seen in traditional jewelry for ages and have now percolated into modern jewelry pieces. Bangles, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and almost every kind of jewelry can be had fun with when it comes to stacking and layers. You can work your various kinds of jewelry into layers and experiment with metals, colours, layers, and so much more. A cocktail ring can add pizzazz to a normal formal outfit. A simple stone ring design paired with other rings can drastically change your outfit from hip to elegant. A simple necklace with a pendant that is paired with multiple chains can accentuate the neckline of your dress.

Rotate your jewelry

One of the main reasons why jewelry does not get used is that we end up forgetting to change it! Make it a point to check on the jewelry you have and look for an opportunity to change. If you are heading to a party after work, carry earrings, bracelets, and other accessories with you. This also ensures your jewelry gets maintained well as you can clean the pieces you are not using. Another added advantage of rotating your jewelry frequently is to avoid wear and tear of the same one over the years. All of us have our favourites but maybe it is better if our favourites last for longer.

Mix and match – metals, stones, and styles

Don’t stick to the doctrine and make your own style. Try and mix and match as much as possible. Make use of everything you have to create a statement. For example, gemstone jewelry designs in gold don’t necessarily have to be paired with golden accessories. Involve some silver and rose gold and gold is a classic combination. It is wrong to think that modern and traditional do not mix. A bangle on long sleeves with a turtle neck can make a look like a supermodel. Try and mix pendants with chains, necklaces and earrings, bracelets and earrings, and many other such elements to keep your outfit vibrant and popping at all times.

Don’t go overboard when dressing up

Layers do not mean wearing all the jewelry at once. Layering involves wearing pieces that fit together like jigsaw puzzles. A golden rule of layering is that no 2 pieces that are adjacent should have the same length, size, or overlapping designs. Even while wearing multiple pieces, all items should be visible individually. If there is an overlap, it looks chaotic and not to mention quite tacky.

Forget the trends, remember the rules

Trends can be extremely fickle and they come and go quickly. Forget the current trend and focus on what looks best on you and what makes you comfortable. Find a way to express your unique style. At the same time don’t forget certain simple rules like not ensuring all jewelry is visible clearly, there is a focal point in the jewelry, and so on. These rules will help you ensure you make good use of your jewelry but always look great.

These tips will not only revolutionize your wardrobe but give you the confidence to wear everything in your cupboard!

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