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Top 9 Skills a Digital Leader Must Have in 2022

by Steven Brown
digital Pioneer in india,

Change is the only constant, particularly in a quickly evolving economic scenario. Every entrepreneur and digital leader must learn skills to help the organization navigate the transformation. This will help the business align with industry-wide changes, changing customer behavior, and the need to keep up with the global economy. Digital leaders of 2022 and beyond must lead this change.

Digital transformation – is both a mantra for success and a recipe for survival in the current economic scenario. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have learned the real need to undertake a complete digital transformation. Many have even gone as far as to completely re-evaluate their business models in keeping with the current tech revolution. This brings the role of the entrepreneur and the digital leader into sharp focus. Combining a futuristic vision with skills enhancement, the innovative entrepreneur can successfully lead his/her business into the rapidly evolving digital future. Let us take a look at some of the key skills a successful entrepreneur must have in 2022.

Communication is king – Gone are the days when people believed that products and services held a central role in the success of a business enterprise; we are now waking to a world where communication is key. Digital communication with stakeholders, industry leaders, customers, experts, and even the media is one of the most important skills a leader must-have. With social media breaking down communication barriers, this could well define the path ahead for organizations. Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, has set a stellar example of brand building through personal communication.

Leading organizational transformation – Digital transformation of an organization may originate in the vision of the leader, but the entire business enterprise needs to embrace and adapt tech innovations for it to be a success. It is the responsibility of the business leader to facilitate such a change. One of the best digital pioneers in India, Sanjiv Bajaj, set the tone for such a transformation in Bajaj Finserv, taking a very traditional business on a complete technological makeover. This has made the organization a market leader in the industry now.

Supporting innovation – Welcoming change is often difficult, but the innovative entrepreneur goes beyond merely accepting change. He/she initiates transformation through innovation. This means that envisioning a complete change in the industry and environment is part of what makes a good leader successful. With a multitude of data and tech tools at his/her disposal, the new-age digital leader initiates newer business processes that shall benefit all stakeholders. This can also be done by encouraging and supporting creative endeavors and innovation across the organization and through digital platforms.

Leverage technology – There is now a plethora of tech tools, platforms, applications, and software available to help you optimize ROI and help your business thrive and prosper. As an entrepreneur and leader, it is important that you leverage all available technology to your advantage. By optimizing the available fintech solutions, Apoorva Vora, the founder, and CEO of Solutions Wealthcare has been able to lead this wealth management company to its current level of success.

Look for collaboration – The greatest advantage of living in a digital world is that geographical gaps are diminishing. As an entrepreneur, it is now very easy to connect and reach out to another business leader or a solutions developer across the globe. Adopting a collaborative approach and forging partnerships has never been easier. Not only does this help expand your business, but it also helps you learn from the experience of others and keeps you from reinventing the wheel.

Learning, unlearning, relearning – Adaptability is a function of one’s ability to learn new skills and keep pace with the transformation of the world around them. Much of this could also involve unlearning and promoting digital literacy. While your business organization may have adopted digital processes, it is also important that you encourage vendors, retailers, and all those involved with the enterprise to adopt digital processes as well. Learning new skills and integrating technology with existing systems is an important journey for the digital entrepreneur.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way most business organizations function. The availability and evolution of technology have made such a digital transformation possible. This also makes it imperative that business leaders and entrepreneurs equip themselves with digital skills and technological innovations to ensure that their organizations find the transition into a digital world smooth and easy to navigate.

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