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Top Android App Development Companies in UK

by Steven Brown
App Development Companies in UK

Here’s a list of the best Android apps from the UK Got a great idea for an app but struggling to find a top mobile app development company in UK? We are here to help you find the right Android app development companies in UK that can offer you the perfect Android app development solution.

A list of the best Android app development companies in the UK has been prepared. So turn your app idea into reality by choosing the right company from the selection below from the best Android developers in the UK:

How to choose the best Android developers in the UK?

Before hiring the best android app development company, there are a few things to know:

Check out the company’s portfolio – not only to see how many apps they’ve built and how successful they’ve been but also to see what industries they’ve worked in.

Two main sections: the research you can do yourself and the mobile app developer interview stage. You will explore your skills and experience as you seek to understand your business and your application.

Referrals: Ask other people in your industry who have released successful apps to recommend developers, or find out who created the most successful apps if there is an industry benchmark.

List of Top 10 Android App Development Companies in UK

1. Moon Technolabs 

Moon Technolabs is a custom IT solutions provider based in India. Moon Technolabs was started in July 2009 by young IT Professionals with a zeal to perform and step into the IT industry for software consultancy and IT implementations. Customers use our experience and learning base to enhance their business with the best information technology has to offer. 

2. App Studio

AppStudio is a digital company founded in 2009 and run by a team of more than 50 professional Android developers. The company lends its expertise in web design, UX/UI design, and application development to clients from startups to large corporations. In addition, it serves various industries such as advertising, media, and consumer goods.

3. Digiruu

Founded in 2016, Digiruu is a 10+ global software consultancy specializing in cross-platform software and device innovation. Headquartered in the UK and other offices across the continents. Their team designs and develops Android app solutions that future-proof agencies.

4. Zudu

Zudu Software is a leading Android app developer in the UK with an additional office in Hampshire, England. A team of 50 professionals established in 2016 in the field of custom software development, Android application development and web development. Involvement options include fixed costs and dedicated development teams.

5. Apadmi

Apadmi is an Android app and digital development agency that has been driving technology for products across the UK since 2009. They work with international organizations and exciting startups to provide digital solutions, be it for the web, Alexa Skill, or mobile apps.

6. 3-sided cube

3 SIDED CUBE is a 100+ member mobile technology group specializing in app development, IoT and big data consulting, B.I. and I.S. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in the UK, with multiple offices in London, Washington, and DC. Their team excels at helping organizations use technology to achieve competitive advantage.

7. Distance application developers

The Distance App Developers is a digital agency founded in 2009. Headquartered in London, with additional offices in New York and the UK. Team 24 specializes in web application development and Android application development. The company usually serves clients of medium-sized companies.

8. Zazz

Zazz, a mobile app development company, has offices in the US, UK and around the world. A team of over 50 employees specializes in iOS and Android app development and offers UX/UI design, I.T. strategic consulting, and web development. The company was founded in 2012 and works primarily with small businesses and startups.

9. Waracle

Waracle is a team of over 150 web and Android app developers with offices in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee. This award-winning team has been creating digital solutions for startups and businesses since 2007.

10. Intelivita

Intelivita is a UK digital products specialist with offices in the UK and India. Founded in 2012, the company has more than 100 employees, providing high-performance applications for Android, artificial intelligence, web and mobile applications, and voice.

How much does Android app development cost in the UK?

Globally, the cost of developing a mobile app for Android is around $20,000. The UK has some of the world’s best app developers, so costs can be close to the world average.

According to this app development price calculator, a single platform app could cost £30,000, while a dual platform app could cost up to £40,000+. These costs are calculated for app development with a multilingual interface, user account, in-app purchases, and custom UI design.

The amount the developer charges per hour are also close to world highs. The high price is quality: not only are some of the best app developers in the world here, but many American companies have offices here; Although not technically from the U.K., they operate in the territory and increase the average.

What will be next?

Finding the perfect mobile app development company in the UK requires a potential app client to unlock researchers. To help UK app marketers make their buying decisions, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Android app development companies in the UK. We use their unique research process to measure the performance of each UK mobile app development company.

Our research methodology consists of careful analysis of critical parameters such as the company’s market penetration, Android and iPhone app projects submitted, mobile app development experience, etc. According to our research, the top 10 Android app development companies in UK provide exceptional services in the field of applications. development.

Anyone looking for Android app development services should check out our list of UK app developers.

End Note

With the advancement in technology and the massive increase in smartphone usage, mobile app development is becoming one of the fastest growing areas for companies. There are several major Android app development companies in the UK. Before going with any company, we have to consider our ideas and go with a company that works with our concept and according to our requirements. The best Android development company always sees its growth with the growth of the customer.

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