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How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Pretty, Pleasant, and Peaceful Space

by Steven Brown

Your bedroom is what you would call your home within a home. Nevertheless, you need to see that you create a space that is just meant for rest and relaxation, nothing more, nothing less. Here are a couple of tips to help.

Soften Your Lighting

Having a central lighting in a room surely is the easiest thing. Nevertheless, when it comes to your bedroom, you would need to do quite a bit of personalizing instead of going with regular patterns. That is how your turn it into a little haven.

Try and have more than one lighting option in your bedroom – small lampshades placed at different heights, each with a different level of brightness and colour perhaps. This should help set up the kind of ambience you need to suit the mood. The only time you are likely to need bright lighting is when you are up for parties and dinners.

Choose Soft, Cool Colours

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Softer hues are always the way to go if you are serious about creating a perfectly peaceful, calm and pleasant space within your bedroom. As you know, the colours in a living space have a huge impact on the way you feel in it, even more than the way it looks.

Even if red, apple green and neon are your all-time favourites, you wouldn’t want to have them anywhere on the walls, or elsewhere in your bedroom. Opt for pale, dull, pastel shades instead. They are the type of colours that, one may say, define a sense of peace and calm.

Get Some Aroma

In case you didn’t know, aromatherapy is a great way to create a sense of peace and serenity in a closed space. This m isn’t a visual technique of course, but is a way of evoking calmness within and outside you by stimulating your senses through various scents.

There are a number of options available when it comes to aromatherapy, such as scented candles, diffusers, even creams and lotions that you could slather on before bed. However, opting for an aroma diffuser might be just right if you want the aroma to be distributed across the room and you simply can indulge in some peace and calm.


Clutter can add a lot of noise and unpleasantness altogether. Decluttering isn’t just a way of keeping the space clean and tidy, but maintaining psychological health in the space and helping achieve a sense of peace and calmness. You may want to make it a point to do some decluttering every month or so. This way you wouldn’t have too much to do in one go.

Make it Strictly Sleep-Only Zone

While your bedroom certainly is like your vet own little home within a home, you need to keep in mind that it is only meant for sleep and rest. Thus, you would want to remove any distractions or sources of entertainment like your television, snack counters, laptops and other gadgets. All of these can lead to stimulation which is exactly what you shouldn’t encourage or allow rather, in your bedroom.

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