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Simple steps to enable your uber account?

by Steven Brown
uber account disable

In this blog we are going to tell our users about uber account and how the users can enable their uber account so that the users can access their account whenever they want to.

So, let us dive into the procedure to know ‘why is my uber account disable’ so that they can enable their account as well. 

Before we move ahead to know how the users can enable their account let us see why exactly the users are dealing with the issues so for this we are going to look for the reasons which are responsible for the deactivation of their account. 

Reasons why the uber account of the users, disabled – 

  • The first reason could because the users have done some fraud or have violated the terms and policies of the company. 
  • Another reason for this could be that the personal information on the credit card of the users does not match with their account. 
  • The users have logged into their account in multiple devices at the same time which is not acceptable by uber. 
  • The users have two different accounts in the same device which requires credit. 
  • If the users have used the same bank account to link multiple uber accounts to claim the credit.
  • The users have used same email but have used with different uber accounts. 

Ways to recover the disabled account which the users are dealing with – 

  • Signing up is the first step which the users can do by visiting https://get.uber.com/new-signup/. For signing up the users will need to provide some information asked on the page, the users can use any of the number and email ID they want. 
  • The users then have to download the uber app on the mobile device they using and then using the phone number the users need to open an account. 
  • The users will receive an OTP code, sent to their device and after this the users need to press on forgot password option. 
  • A reset link send to the users on their email ID and using this, the users need to change the password of their account to get back uber account disabled
  • Now, the users need to open the uber app on the device which they are using and then log into their account using the username and the password of their account. 
  • After the login the users need to tap on the settings option and then the users need to click on the thumbnail, displayed on the top left corner of the screen in the tool bar. 
  • Now, the users need to press on the mobile number, displayed on their screen. 
  • Now, the users need to fill in their own number, disabled and this will send another OTP code, send to their devices. 
  • The users need to confirm the code so that they can move ahead to the next step. 
  • As soon as the users have confirmed the code the users have successfully reactivate the account, disabled by uber and they can get rid of uber.com account disabled. 

If the users will follow the steps, given above the users will be able to get rid of the issue they have been dealing with of uber account but the only condition is that the users need to follow these steps with caution. 

If these steps were not helpful for the users then the only option they have left now is to contact the customer support of Uber so that they can help the users fix this issue and help them get access of their account back.

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