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Unique Healthy Foods to Pack When You Travel 

by Steven Brown

Either as the reasons behind your travel, you need to pack healthy food with you when you travel to avoid getting stuck with unhealthy food choices on your way to your destination. Do you love traveling or have to travel urgently due to work or personal reasons?

15 Best Foods to pack when you travel 

Below is a list of healthy food ideas you could pack with you when traveling 

1. Black pepper popcorn 

Popcorn is everyone’s favorite snack to watch a movie with. While on a trip, you can grab a handful of those black pepper popcorn, and it is also a great option when you are the one driving without making a fuss. You can make your version of the popcorn instead of buying the stale version on the road. Black pepper popcorn recipes include cheese, extra-virgin oil, and fresh black pepper. 

2. Kratom Chocolate Cookies 

Cookies would be one of the most accessible foods for you to carry during your travel, but best of all, this chocolate recipe is infused with the Kratom strain of your choice to ease your fatigue from traveling. Speaking of Kratom strains, here is white bali kratom

To prepare this recipe, you will need biscuit ingredients and Kratom powder as the main recipe.  

3. Green Chutney Sandwich 

Sandwich is fast food to prepare if you are in a hurry to travel, and it will still be better than the street food you may come across. You will have a thin slice with butter and green chutney to apply in between. Store the meal in an airtight container, which will allow it to stay fresh for hours 

4. Pistachios 

Pistachios are super healthy and one of the lowest far tree nuts. It contains about 100 calories in 32 nuts. The nuts are also high in fiber, potassium, etc.  

5. Greek Yogurt 

The yogurt is relatively high in protein and calcium, which is excellent for the bones. Aside from this, Greek yogurt is a probiotic and is one of the best things you can eat while traveling. It is also a gut bacteria that support digestion while traveling and consuming roadside foods.   

6. Wheat Flakes Nut Mix 

This is probably the easiest to make so far. Thanks to that, you may want to scrap eating roadside food before you start your journey as there is so much uncertainty around them. All you have to do is mix a handful of each in a bowl: almonds, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, and roasted Bengal gram. Add any juice (I.e., lemon juice, olive/mustard oil), and a meal is served.  

7. Chole Masala 

Chana Masala is another name for this golden spicy chickpea dish used as a sandwich filling. You can also try it with rotis, rice, bhaturas, and pooris. It is made from several Indian spices: cinnamon, cumin, garam masala, bay leaf, and turmeric.  

8. Fruits 

You can never go wrong with fruits, but what fruits are suited for traveling? Fruits remain one of the best ways to get nutrients, but some have a higher tendency to cause a mess than others.  

You can try to take apples, berries, etc., during your travel. It is best not to buy your sliced fruit outside because it can easily get contaminated, which may lead to health complications. Alongside it is super easy to digest fruit and get all the energy you need for a long trip.  

9. Banana Chips 

Banana chips have to be on the unique snacks to chew on while traveling. The best part is you can easily buy them on the road during your travels or at a supermarket. But you can easily make as plenty as you want before you travel. Cut some raw bananas into a fine and thin slice sprinkle them with red chili, salt, and pepper. To have them last for your travel, store them in a tight container.  

10. Mix Seeds 

Want to remain fit? It would be best to combine seeds like sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, watermelon seeds, and other dry food items for traveling. These seeds are an energy storehouse and can satisfy your hunger, keeping you filled up for your travels. Alongside, you can add dry fruits, nuts, and some coconut shavings.  

11. Almonds and avocados 

Almonds are highly rich in fiber, Vitamin B and E, biotin, potassium, and proteins that add to the health of your hair and nails. Avocados, on the other hand, are called superfoods by health experts. One avocado is enough to provide your body with up to 1000mg of potassium. Your body may also get added nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and cobalamin, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and D 

12. Peanut Butter or Almond Butter 

All you may need for the journey is just a tiny amount of peanut or almond butter to add high-quality fats and protein to a snack. Try adding the butter to celery sticks, carrots, apples, or whole-grain crackers 

13. Whole Grain Cereal 

This is perfect if you aren’t one driving. You should fill a little cup with cereal and add milk with sugar to your ear to enjoy it on the ride. Before making a purchase, ensure you have read and understand the nutrition label. Go for low sugar, high fiber, and low sodium cereal.  

14. Granola or Homemade Granola Bars 

Granola is a healthy choice of snack to munch on during your travels. However, it would be best to read the label before you purchase it. It is a filling snack and is super easy to make. To allow it to last for a week, keep it in an airtight container.  

15. Cheese Crackers and Cookies 

If you have tried homemade cheese crackers, you will know that it’s a fantastic choice for a travel journey, whether you’re traveling or not. You can make the snack even more nutritious by adding onion powder to season them and some grated cheddar. It is better to make them than buying the one sold on the road that may contain preservatives.  


Traveling doesn’t mean you have to stick to eating poor food. You have to become intentional about what you put in your mouth. Make plans to prepare good food before you travel because you will be stuck in a bus or train for hours, and it is best to avoid buying unhealthy food. Hence you should prepare a quality snack that you enjoy before the journey starts.  

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