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What Are the Common Yet Famous Cowboy Hats You Can Purchase?

by Steven Brown
Cowboy Hats

The cowboy hats have been of significant importance in western culture for over 150 years. Since their invention, they have gone through numerous design changes. The most common yet famous cowboy hats are Gambler, Pinched Crown, Cattleman, Montana Mix, Gus, and many more. Brim and crease are the primary things that will help you distinguish one cowboy hat from another. Each cowboy hat comes with a unique style. When worn properly, they will help you showcase western attire. 

The modern cowboy hats you notice were first invented by John B in 1985. The primary design of the cowboy hats featured a flat round brim and a tall rounded crown. They were more standard than the modern versions. They also featured a sweatband. 

Over time, manufacturers started customizing the hats by making the brim more rolled and the crown more creased. This helped them create different styles of cowboy hats that you can see today in the market. 

Manufacturers started using leather, felt, and straw to make cowboy hats. The hats are not only functional and practical but also a great fashion statement. Here are the common cowboy hats you can purchase. 

Cattleman Crease 

The cattleman is probably the most famous cowboy hat one can choose. The Cattleman crease is the oldest and most functional cowboy hat. They were invented when the ranch owners decided to differentiate their attire from the rodeo riders. The Cattleman crease features a narrow and taller crown, less than five inches. The crown of the Cattleman crease is also unique with two creases on the side and one crease down the middle. 

As the crown of the Cattleman crease is larger, it benefitted the cowboys during the windy and rainy season. Not to mention, it also protected them from the UV rays. Known as the gentlemen’s hats, the Cattleman crease can be worn at weddings and various other formal events. They are available in both felt and straw. 

The Cattleman crease is varied by the Brick. The Biggs is one of the most common types of Cattleman crease hats. 


You won’t be able to differentiate the Gus crease and Cattleman crease if you don’t know what to look for. The Gus crease almost looks identical to the Cattleman crease and they have a more Outlook appearance than the traditional Cattleman. 

Just like the different types of Cattleman crease hats in the market, the Gus crease features a taller crown. There are two creases on the side and one crease down the middle. However, the primary difference between Gus crease and Cattleman crease is that the crown is slightly sloped down for Gus. 

Pinched Front 

The Pinched Front is one of the most classic and famous cowboy hats for men. If you wear the pinched front properly with the relevant dress code, you will be able to showcase a western fashion statement without any problem. The Pinched front comes with two general crown styles. One is the diamond crown that has partial dents and the other one is the tear-drop crown. 

If you know the formal fedora hats such as Trilbies and Fedoras, you will know that the appearance of the pinched front cowboy hat is similar to theirs. However, the Pinches front has a more traditional-looking wider brim than the fedora hats. The brim of the pinched front is made of straw. 

The Pinched front cowboy hats will complement your jawline. They are not only a popular choice amongst men but also women. You can find Pinches front cowboy hats in various colors and designs. 

Montana Mix 

Even though the Montana cowboy hats might look similar to the Cattleman crease cowboy hats, there are some differences you need to know. Just like the Cattleman crease, Montana mix cowboy hats have three creases on the crown but they are smaller as well as less pronounced. 

Additionally, the center dent of the Montana mix cowboy hats is more pronounced than the other front of the hats. The brim is also slightly upturned. 

The popularity of the Montana mix cowboy hats exploded during the 1930s. They were worn by many famous movie stars. 


The Gambler crease cowboy hats were introduced by the Mexican cowboys who were known as Charros. They traveled from South America to Nevada and Mexico for ranch work. If you’re planning to visit a hot climate location, the Gambler cowboy hats will be the perfect option for you. As the crown of the Gambler hats is lowered, you will be able to prevent hot air from accumulating. Not to mention, the wide brim of the Gambler hats also provide great sun protection. 

Fur and felt are the most common materials for the Gambler hats. Many wealthy people choose the Gambler cowboy hats over the traditional cowboy hats. Even though other hat designs arrived from the Gamble hats, the Pork Pie hat is the most popular. After the introduction of Gambler hats in the famous web series Breaking Bad, the popularity of the hats exploded. 

Open Crown 

This is another common yet famous cowboy hat available in the market. The open crown cowboy hats don’t feature any creases. Instead, they come with a round crown. The brim of the open crown cowboy hats is also not as big as the other designs. 

The open crown cowboy hats feature a flat round brim that might protect you from UV rays. As per AAO, overexposure to UV rays can cause eye cancers. The ‘10-gallon hat’ is the famous nickname of the open crown hats. Some people think that this nickname came because this hat is capable of holding 10 gallons of water. But this isn’t true. The nickname of the open crown cowboy hats came from Mexican vaqueros who used to wear the hats with braided hatbands, which were known as gallons. 


The Brick cowboy hats are also similar to the Cattleman crease cowboy hats. They are great to wear during rainy and windy conditions. Not to mention, when paired with formal outfits, the Brick cowboy hats will undoubtedly help you stand apart from the crowd. 

The primary difference between the Cattleman and Brick cowboy hats is that the crown of the Brick cowboy hats is more squared than the Cattleman. 


These are the common yet famous cowboy hats you can purchase from the market. Make sure you visit our website if you need the best cowboy hats. 

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