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What are the Reasons to Consider Before Choosing Animation as a Career Option?

by Steven Brown
Reasons to Choose Animation

A new generation of Indian artists is advancing animation beyond its “kiddie” past with international collaborations, unconventional themes, edgy techniques, and personal initiatives. Animation is the art of conveying feelings, concepts, and ideas through a series of images that each appear to be moving or to be in motion.

Technically speaking, it is a procedure where photos are combined to create motion pictures that are played back quickly with brief pauses in between. Drawings, computer graphics software, or footage from a movie set can all be used for this. Animations are utilized in commercials, movies, animated video games, websites, presentations, and a variety of other contexts. But why there is a huge demand for animators? Here in this article, we will be discussing the reasons for choosing animation as a career option.

Is Animation Growing?

Animation is growing at a huge pace. The sector is growing more because of the huge demand for cartoons. Now, animation is not only bound to children but adults are also hugely involved in it. They tend to watch more animated movies these days. Animation is a limitless creative form that is not just for children. Despite the fact that technology has advanced over the years and animation has become more and more popular, many people still think animation is solely for children.

  • The size of the worldwide animation market climbed to over 372 billion dollars in 2021, up 5% from the previous year.
  • This number was predicted to increase steadily across various media for the next nine years, increasing by roughly 60%. Along with the development of technologies, the animation sector is growing more.
  • Between 2021 and 2028, the global market for 3D animation software was expected to more than double in size, hitting 39 billion dollars before the decade is over. These projections take into account the expanding demand for animation.

The Reasons for the Growth of Animation are the Following:

Excellent Job Prospects

As a result of its multidimensional features, career opportunities for animators are expanding rapidly. Digitization is on the rise, and the desire for high-quality entertainment and sophisticated games growing at a huge pace as well. A certificate in animation and in-depth expertise are suitable prerequisites for employment in visual design fields including production companies, advertising agencies, e-learning companies, and similar ones. You may start your career in your preferred industry with a boom if you have the necessary abilities and expertise.

Creative Content

Animation offers you a variety of creative opportunities within your project to incorporate a wide range of special effects and other methods of video production. The use of animation is a creative way in which you can promote your brand easily and to an audience of all ages.

Growing Demand for Skilled Professionals

The demand for professionals in the animation sector is increasing each and every year. The sector is among the ones with the fastest growth rates both domestically and internationally. The market is flooded with openings for knowledgeable and talented animation professionals. Every year, the demand is growing more and more. The use of special effects in animation has made it important in every business. Learn about the different types of animation styles.

Demand is Growing Globally: India is in Focus

If we compare the early 1990s to the present, the field of animation has advanced significantly. India’s developing animation industry is receiving ongoing help from the rest of the world as well. The development of cutting-edge studios, economic advantages, and the adaptability of English-language communication have prepared the way for the outsourcing of animation work, notably to western companies. The major players in the animation industry, including Disney, Warner Brothers, and Fun Bag Animation, are focusing on India with the intention of co-producing animated films there.


We are all consuming more entertainment than ever before and animation offers a unique form of entertainment that appeals to a wide range of audiences, especially children.

Reaching out to the Audience

With the use of animation, you may connect with a worldwide audience. It serves as a practical platform for instructing a broad audience. Examples include instructional videos for businesses, schools, athletes, and the elderly. The varied audience regularly accesses the educational materials. Therefore, if you are animating knowledge, you are educating someone somewhere.

Final Thoughts 

The animation industry has grown quickly in recent years. However, this industry lacks enough workers. The supply and demand chains are having a lot of problems. Therefore, there are several opportunities for our creative friends to enter this field and have a successful careers. Work is being outsourced to India by studios including Walt Disney, Dream Works Entertainment, and Sony Pictures. Therefore, there won’t be any obstacles for those who are truly interested in working in the area. Reputed institutes are providing animation courses in Kolkata. Nowadays, practically every sector of business needs animators, including gaming studios, advertising agencies, IT organizations, film production companies, and many more.

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