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What Every Woman Needs To Know About Heels

by Steven Brown

According to statistics, the average woman spends about 40% of her income on shopping for a variety of items, including clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. The poll is very intriguing and helps us understand where our money actually goes.

Yes, everyone of us has a unique personality, but we all share a passion for shoes. Can our wardrobe ever contain enough of them? NO! especially women’s heels, which are the ideal option for any situation. A lunch date and a movie? A Goa party, perhaps? They can fit almost any place. Wait, what? Can we even distinguish between the various kinds of heels? This post is for you if you appreciate fashion or are just learning about style. The ideal source of information and instruction for identifying different styles of heels. So let’s go!

High Heels

This heel is a standard stiletto, but it can range in height from 1.5 to 2 inches. For those who prefer a more modest height, kitten heels are the ideal way to increase your height.

Wedge sandals

Sandals or heels can both be worn with wedges. Since there is no difference between the heel and the sole, they can be distinguished from other shoes. Many women favour these because they offer the utmost comfort.

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A gorgeous pair of pumps has a low cut, two to three inches in length, and is closed in the front. Although many ladies experience some pain when wearing them, they look gorgeous whether worn with a cocktail dress or an A-line pencil skirt. My current favourite heeled shoes are pumps.


The most stunning sort of heels, which can reach heights of approximately eight inches! Stilettos require stability and practise to wear. Put them on beautiful luxury clothing to make a statement!

Bare toes

One of the most fashionable styles of heeled shoes is the peep toe. The only difference is that there is a space where your toe finger nail may be seen. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, with either long or short heels, ribbons, or flowers. So make sure to have an impeccable pedicure to go with it.

Boots with Heels

All of us adore these. They look fantastic and give our feet an air of refinement and polish. And speaking of FRIENDS, how can we forget “The One with Monica’s Boots,” which was a fantastic episode?

Platforms Heels

First time wearing heels? Attempt this! They are great for novices and have a thicker sole that is essential for balancing.


Mule distinction is so simple! These shoes typically have a block or platform heel and cover the majority of the foot. For a party, you can go all out with a glittery dress, or you might dress casually for lunch. They are quite elegant and give your outfit an air of refinement. ideal mules? Clean white heels are frequently spotted on Meghan Markle, who recently become a royal.

Back slings

In order to hold the shoe together, a sling-back heel has a strap around the ankle. Additionally, they can have an open toe or a peep toe. Some of the most elegant styles of women’s slingback heels are available at Zara India. But how original and cool are these shoes?

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