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What Exactly Constitutes a Tailor-Made Professional Custom Website Design?

by Steven Brown

Some companies that specialise in website design define “Professional Custom Website Design” as anything that has been customised in some way, including the use of a template. Some website design companies may make significant alterations to a template and yet refer to the resulting product as “custom website design.” On the opposite side of the spectrum are the companies that believe “custom web design” to be an entirely original practise. We don’t utilise any premade templates or themes when developing your website here at Artonic because we are a 100% Professional Custom Website Design.

Does Your Web Agency Create Designs That Are Uniquely Yours?

“Unfortunately, what many people do not realise is that some businesses that advertise Professional Custom Website Design are actually purchasing a series of pre-designed templates from a repository and only Professional Custom Website Design the absolute bare minimum, such as inserting your logo, changing a background colour, and moving a few links around. This is something that many people do not realise. In point of fact, this does not qualify as Professional Custom Website Design.” It is not particularly individualised; rather, it is comparable to having the same keychain that everyone else does but with your initials etched on it. Managing Director of WEBii, Jacqueline Sinex,

That’s right: the web agency you hire might promise to create “Professional Custom Website Design,” even though in reality they’re just tweaking existing templates. Do not let yourself be duped into paying for a personalised website design when what you are actually receiving is a tweaked template.

Ask Your Web Design Agency These Questions

We refer to the definition of “Professional Custom Website Design” in order to illustrate how open-ended the term is. Be sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into when you hire someone to create a bespoke website for you.

Be sure to inquire about the construction of the website. Is there a template that the design is based off of?

The Following Are Some Additional Things to Take into Consideration:


Who exactly is the audience that you have in mind? Do they investigate various services or conduct shopping online? If they do, what other online stores or websites belonging to businesses could they look at before deciding whether or not to make a purchase online?

Why Should We Care About This?

When they browse websites for businesses online, users have specific expectations regarding the level of functionality and aesthetics that they encounter. Your audience would most likely expect you to have a Custom Built Website as well, particularly if your competitors have implemented fully unique designs for their websites.

If the people in your target audience are under the age of 40, there is a good chance that they are Custom Built Websites to and at ease with using computers and other forms of technology. It is essential to keep this in mind since the younger your audience is, the higher the bar should be set for the design and functioning of your website.


The capabilities of your website that you require (or desire) it to have are referred to as its functionality. Do you require functionality that is specific to your needs? A backend for the staff members? A membership programme for potential clients? These components are included in the functionality of the website.

“When you create a new site from scratch using a template, you are responsible for making all of the decisions on your own. If you hire professionals to design and create your website, they will know the ins and outs of website functionality and will be able to assist you in selecting the finest alternatives for your website to help optimise it for the requirements of your company.

Brand Strength

To your Custom Built Websites, your brand is synonymous with who you are. It refers to how individuals who are most important to your company, namely those who purchase your goods or services, think about your company.The question that needs to be asked is, “How powerful do you want the appearance of your brand to be online?”

To put this another way, how significant is the reputation of your company to the people who do business with you? The greater the significance of your brand, the more probable it is that you will require a bespoke web design.

“Remember that you want your company to stand out from the competition and be remembered,” the article advises, “when considering whether or not a bespoke web design is the way to go or whether or not a website template is a better alternative.” – Precise Web Solutions From Accrete (Web Page Mistakes)


Because, well, they are called templates for a reason. They are made to be quick and easy to use, and as a result, they lack the individuality that distinguishes distinctive brands. There is a cost and benefit to consider.

Website Strategy

During this round of your research, you should think about the ongoing strategy you have for your website. How do you plan to get people to visit your website? And after a visitor arrives at your website, what kind of initial impression do you think she will get?

Websites that leave an enduring impression on visitors have the potential to be one of the most valuable assets a company can own. It may appear that using templates to build a website for your company is a quick and simple process, but in the long run, a Custom Built Websites  will be more cost effective and the better option for your company because it will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. 

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