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What is the Costs Of A Custom Build Vs. A Display Home?

by Steven Brown
What is the Costs Of A Custom Build Vs. A Display Home?

There are a lot of factors to weigh up when buying a new property, and particularly buying a new home. A house is more than just a building. People want their own unique style, and have their own unique tastes.

With that in mind, is a new home buyer better off trying for a custom home design, or is it more beneficial to consider a home design from a project builder? Click here to visit the repcalgaryhomes for the costs of a custom build vs. a display home.

The Benefits to Both

There are benefits to both customising your home build, as well as a home built to a project home design. The advantage of a custom home is, that you get exactly what you want. You can design the way you live to your own specifications and preferences.

Some may find looking for a custom home designer tedious and burdensome with so much time and in many cases money to pay for drafting and architectural design.

A project home builder with a range of pre-existing home designs means that much of the hard work has been done for you. You can be confident that you don’t have to think about finicky details, as a specialist can provide you with options so you don’t have to think about every design aspect for each room and space within your home like the location of every power point and tap.

McDonald Jones has an industry leading team of design drafters and specialised architects lead by Stuart Everitt, who create contemporary home designs to take the hard work out of selecting your perfect design. Leaving you the pure enjoyment of selecting from a range of award-winning designs and then the excitement of your dream home coming to life.

Choosing a Model Home Design

An advantage of purchasing a home which has been designed by a project builder is that it will keep costs much lower than what a custom build can blow out to. Project builders offer the benefit of higher volumes which help keep costs lower or could also allow for greater value to be built into the overall package.

Custom homes come with not just the added price of the design, but all the unforeseen quirks and surprises of builds which can add up quickly and unexpectedly.

Selecting a home from an architectural predesigned collection or range, doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. With years of trusted experience throughout many different Councils and locations, high quality architectural designs can be realised giving you cost and time efficiency plus peace of mind.

Bending down to fit beneath the kitchen sink to fix a leak is a thrill for many who do it for the first time. When you own a home, though, you are the first line of defense for repairs – especially if you want to save money by doing them yourself. Some objects do necessitate the assistance of an expert. You’ll be sweating not only till the air conditioner is fixed, but you’ll also be writing a check to get the cold air flowing again.

Get In Touch

When you build a new home for yourself and your family, you want to know that it’s built to last. , we know a thing or two about building homes that stand the test of time. We’ve been doing it for over thirty years. Start the journey towards your dream home.

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