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What to Do Immediately After You Launch a Website?

by Steven Brown
Launch a Website

How often do you hear from someone who has launched their site and they are asking for help? It is all about which step they should take next to get and maintain the conversions.

Launching a website or starting a blog is exciting, but it also comes with many challenges. A million things to consider before launching your site include choosing a domain name, building a landing page, writing copy, logo design and much more.

After launching your site with the help of bespoke website design services, you should immediately start thinking about ways to improve its performance. This means optimizing your site for speed, security, and SEO. 

8 Steps to Take Immediately After You Launch a Website

If you want to launch a website right away, here are some quick steps to take:

1- Get to Work on New Content

A common saying goes like this, “Content is king.” Whether it’s via a corporate blog, press releases, or events, having high-quality, rich, relevant, and educational material on your website may substantially increase your site’s search engine position and bring in a flood of new visitors.

Creating original content attracts new customers, boosts your conversion rate, and makes your brand stand out from the competition. An outstanding UX may be achieved via the development of a content strategy based on business objectives.

2- Optimize Your Page Speed

UK website design services page speed refers to how fast your website loads. It is important to optimize your website for better Google ranking. So if you’re not optimized, you could lose potential customers. To optimize your page speed, use tools like GTMetrix, PageSpeed Insights, and YSlow.

3- Monitor Website Performance:

There are several things you should do immediately after launching your website, such as setting up Google Analytics and implementing SEO strategies. These tasks will help you monitor your website’s performance and improve its ranking over time.

4- Create a Social Media Presence:

After you Launch a website, now it’s time to put in more work. Social networking may be a great way to get to know your audience and get them back to your website. Find out which social media platforms will provide the most interaction and sales for your company, and then focus your efforts there.

Look at your client base’s demographics, interests, target audience, and buyer profiles to select which social media channels to use.

5- Create a Sitemap:

A sitemap helps search engines understand what pages are linked to others. A sitemap is useful if you have lots of links between pages.

6- Set up Email Autoresponders

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience. But without a way to automate your messages, you won’t be able to send them consistently. Autoresponders allow you to set up automated emails based on events like customer purchases or subscription signups.

7- Keep Your Site Secure:

Make sure that website isn’t vulnerable to hackers. Hackers may try to access your site using brute force attacks or dictionary-based attacks. To prevent these types of attacks, use strong passwords and keep them updated once you launch a website.

8- Implement Web Analytics:

Knowing how many people visited your website is important information. You can’t make informed decisions about how to increase site visits and popularity without first collecting and analyzing traffic data. Google Analytics is the only program you need if you want high-quality user data reported at no cost.

Path to Success:

In light of what you now know about the optimal strategy for promoting a newly launched website, it is time to put it into practice. Maintaining your business’s website might be difficult, but the above checklists can help. If you stick with these tips and keep at them, you’ll notice an immediate increase in site visitors.

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