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What to keep in mind to crack the defence exams?

by Steven Brown

The defence exams are held by the Indian government to select potential candidates with great intellectual skills for the defence forces. We all are well acquainted with the courage of the Indian defence forces. The passion that Indian youngsters carry to join the defence forces make every Indian proud. Their love for the motherland makes them appear for the defence exams. But preparing for the defence exams doesn’t only include reading books and attempting the exam. It is more than just reading the books. There are some other essential activities that candidates should also keep in their mind to crack the Defence exams. The basic purpose of this article is to shed light on these activities that make a candidate crack the defence exams. 

Let us tell you that you can’t prepare for the defence exam without checking the eligibility criteria. The commission has put some restrictions such as age limits, qualifications, etc. that every candidate should check before starting his preparations. If you are setting a target for the CDS exam then, don’t hesitate to join the finest platform that delivers excellent CDS coaching in Chandigarh

Keep the following things in your mind while preparing for the defence exams:

  • The syllabus

Before you start exam preparation, understand the latest exam syllabus available over the web. You can check the official website of exam conducting bodies or other recognized websites. The information about the exam syllabus and pattern can be collected from the official notification. Thus, it is advisable to analyze the notification carefully. The syllabus is a vital list of topics that every candidate should download and paste on the wall. Neglecting the syllabus while learning can lead you in the wrong direction. Thus, stick to the syllabus and walk in the straight direction leading to the destination. 

  • The appropriate study material

You need to put sincere efforts into collecting the appropriate study material. Your level of interest and success is decided by the quality of the study material. Well, syllabus and the last year’s papers are the two most essential requirements for collecting the appropriate study material. Check if your study material includes the questions asked in the last year’s papers or not. If not then, switch to the better material available over the web that includes the questions asked in the exams. Seeking help from a candidate who has already cracked the defence exam will work wonders for you in this. Moreover, avoid random material that includes the wrong information. 

  • Positive thoughts

Well, the competition, the vast syllabus, and confusion will negatively impact your confidence. But know that a positive mindset can help you a lot in achieving the impossible. Try to replace the negative thoughts in your mind with positive thoughts. If a negative thought struck your mind and make you nervous. Then, try to avoid its impact using your problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Take the help of the affirmations or the positive quotes available on the internet. Running from negative thoughts will make you exhausted. Thus, don’t run from them. Instead, find a perfect solution to tackle them perfectly. 

  • Health and happiness

While preparing for the exams, don’t forget that your health is very necessary for achieving your goals. Well, not only health, but your happiness is also essential. Know the importance of self-care while preparing to achieve your goal. When you feel healthy and happy from the inside then, you make better decisions. Thus, get a healthy diet for yourself and do exercise on regular basis. Also, spare half an hour daily for the activities that give you peace and happiness. Avoid negative talk about yourself and anybody else. This is essential to keep you healthy and happy. 

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Well, sincerity and persistence are the keys to achieving the impossible. You become sincere when you get rid of the formalities from your mind. Also, there is an ocean of challenges waiting for you that you have to cross with courage. Accept every challenge as this will help you develop a positive mindset for your job. Additionally, ingrain patience with the help of meditation on a daily basis. This will help you gain peace of mind which is essential for living a quality life. 

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