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WhatsApp Web – Tips and Tricks For You

by Steven Brown

WhatsApp web is a great way to use the popular messaging app on your computer. It works on most modern browsers, and it has plenty of tips and tricks for you to take advantage of.

One of the most common WhatsApp web-tips is to back up chats. This will keep your messages safe from accidental deletion and loss.

Delete Disappearing Messages

The latest version of WhatsApp, rolled out on Monday, is now offering users the option to delete messages after 24 hours. This change drew immediate criticism from children’s charities, with UK charity NSPCC calling it a “toxic cocktail of risk”.

Disappearing messages work for individual chats and can be turned on or off for a single contact or group. Once activated, all parties in the conversation get a notification that disappearing messages are enabled.

You can also enable a default message timer from a chat’s settings menu. Alternatively, on a mobile device go to Account, then Privacy and select Default Message Timer in the “Disappearing Messages” section.

This setting is only available for new messages sent after enabling the feature, but older ones remain in the conversation. This means you can still save the message to your phone and read it later.

Avoid Blue Ticks

The blue ticks feature on WhatsApp was introduced in 2014 and it helps you know whether your receiver read the message or not. But it can also create a lot of misunderstandings as you might feel like the person you are chatting with hasn’t replied to your message even after reading it.

But if you are tired of these annoyances, there are some tricks to avoid them. You can disable the read receipts on your device or on a chat window so that people won’t get to know you’ve seen their messages.

You can also turn off the last seen on WhatsApp Blue. However, you won’t be able to hide the last seen on your friends and contacts anymore.

To disable the blue ticks on WhatsApp, simply go to your settings and toggle off the read receipts. After that, your contacts won’t be able to see blue ticks on their messages either.

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Create a Shortcut

If you have a lot of chats in WhatsApp, and often open it to chat with friends and family, you might not like to go through them all again each time you want to talk with them.

To solve this problem, WhatsApp for Android allows you to create shortcuts to specific chats. These shortcuts will be shown on your home screen and allow you to open them directly without having to open WhatsApp again.

These shortcuts can be created to specific contacts or groups, so they can be found easily.

Another great feature of the app is that it lets you send voice messages to your friends and family, saving them from having to type out lengthy replies.

This feature also helps when you’re on the move and don’t have access to a computer or keyboard. Just tap the microphone icon next to the chat box and record your message. Once you’re done, just hit the Send button and it will be sent to your friend’s device automatically.

Share Media

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging application that lets you share a wide variety of media with your friends and family. You can send photos, videos, audio messages, documents and even your location.

You can also mark media as View Once, which limits the recipient to a single viewing before it disappears. This is useful for photos or videos that are confidential or sensitive to you.

But it’s important to note that the recipient could always take a screenshot, so this feature isn’t for everyone.

In addition to sending photos and videos from your phone, you can also send them from a PC. There are two ways to do this: one uses iCloud, and the other involves manually transferring your data from your mobile to your PC’s internal shared storage.

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