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When Did Uber Clone Script Become Taxi Driver’s Most Treasured App?

by M Asim

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Uber Clone App is the talk of the town because of the many wonders introduced by it. These pathbreakers have essentially topsy-turvy the dynamics of the online or traditional Ride Booking Industry in entirety.

And it is the Entrepreneurs and the Taxi Drivers registered with the App that are making the most of it. They are clever enough to turn this chaos into an opportunity to rake in profits.

Entrepreneur has brought in futuristic features that will aid Drivers to fetch more Rides and facilitate users more comfort. These profound and all-embracing features are Taxi Rentals, Corporate Bookings, scheduling Rides for a Later Period and Intercity Rides.

Uber Clone Script has been encoded with a brilliant concept that facilitates the User to rent a Cab. Now there are two parameters to calculate the charges, based on the distance covered or on an hourly basis. This flexibility in determining the cost gives the Rider a breather or a sense of power of bargaining chip.

It is crucial to mention here that Customers’ Live location can be tracked in Real-Time by their family or close friends. They just have to send a tracking link which is possible with the latest feature addition.

Once the booking is confirmed, Drivers now have the liberty to communicate with the Rider using Video call option. Earlier, there was only text and phone call options available.

App Like Uber Taxi is every youngster’ first choice because of its comprehensive and pioneering features. Its Corporate Bookings service is a shout-out to the entire workforce and how it aims to help them. But first, employees are requested to download the Ride booking App from Play Store or iOS Store.

Then, register with the App using Mobile number and then choose ‘Corporate’ Profile instead of ‘Personal’ one. Once all of this is done, punch in the name of the Organization that the User works for. Now, request for verification for which it is the responsibility of the App Owner to do the needful. Having verified the profile and the essentials, the Employee no longer need to pay for the Official visits. Because it is the prerogative of the Firm to take care of such expenses. Now Employees will refrain from using personal vehicles to go for work-related assignments, hence more Rides for Taxi Drivers.

On-Demand Taxi Booking App is a source of livelihood for Drivers but a reason of their pride and happiness too. They are now flourishing and credit can be partly given to the next feature, Booking Cab for a Later Slot!

This has ensured work guarantee for these Service Providers round the clock, even during odd hours! This is a historic moment in this Industry’s exponential growth. User is expected to login using fingerprints or Face ID and reserving a Taxi at a specific time.

It might be relevant here to mention that the Drivers have the liberty to accept Back-to-Back Rides. This ensures optimum utilization of time and resources. And this goes without saying that Taxi Drivers make more money which translates to higher Commission for Entrepreneurs.

Uber Clone App is a phenomenal platform to associate with to flourish. It is the features that take the center-stage that help in bringing in bulk of Rides. One of such stellar features is Intercity Rides which permit the User to travel to another city at affordable rates.

Gone are the days when Customers had to track down the cabs who’d be willing to travel to other city. If at all a Driver was found, the cab conditions wouldn’t be good and charges would be too steep. Most important of all, there’d be no room of any negotiation.

But that is not the case with this App for the User can shortlist the cab based on the budget, time and date of travel.


Uber Clone Script has been encrypted to prioritize the safety of its Taxi Drivers with its feature called Geo-Fencing. According to it, all the crime-prone areas are marked on the geographical maps to refrain them from going there. Therefore, they avoid from either picking-up or dropping-off passengers from such shady neighbourhoods.

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