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When it comes to buying fragrances, what are the best websites in India?

by Steven Brown

Online perfume shopping can be tricky!

If you don’t want to get tricked into paying extra money for a cheap copy of your favourite branded perfume. Or, get dupes of authentic perfumes online India with poor packaging, low quality, and poor effectiveness. Read this blog and get familiarized with the best websites for buying perfumes in India.

Top 7 online stores for perfumes in India: 
French Essence
  1. Perfumery

As the name suggests, Perfumery is solely dedicated to one niche- perfumes. This website sells authentic Indian as well as international perfume brands. If you do not prefer generic scents or want to buy hard-to-get-perfume brands in India, or want to shop for designer perfumes, try Perfumery! Their online fragrance collection for both- men and women is very impressive and irresistible. 

  1. Amazon 

Amazon is a household name for the best online store worldwide (and not just in India). It is a one-stop shop for everything (literally everything!). You can easily find fragrances for men and women for every budget, occasion, and season on Amazon, from almost all the famous perfume brands to upcoming small-label designer fragrances. However, always remember to check the seller’s information and ratings before making your perfume purchase on Amazon.   

  1. Flipkart 

Flipkart is very similar to Amazon. There is only one difference- Flipkart is our home-grown (Indian!) e-commerce company. If you want to grab the best prices and amazing deals on your online perfume shopping, Flipkart, is undoubtedly an excellent choice. From international luxury fragrances (such as Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ferrari, etc.) to budget-friendly premium perfumes ( such as Beardo, French Essence, Denver Hamilton, Skinn by Titan, etc.)- Flipkart has it all. But make sure to check the seller information along with the product description. 

  1. Nykaa

Falguni Nayyar’s Nykaa has revolutionized the Indian cosmetic e-commerce industry. This dedicated online platform is a hit amongst beauty, fashion, and wellness product, enthusiasts. It is hands down one of the best and most reliable websites to buy perfumes online in India. Another best thing about Nykaa is- super fast delivery; they know we hate waiting! From body perfumes, men’s colognes, body mists for women, roll-ons, and long-lasting deos to luxury perfumes, Nykaa has everything (you possibly want!). 

  1. Purplle- 

What Flipkart is to Amazon, Purplle is to Nykaa! 

It sells cosmetics, beauty and wellness products from high-end as well as affordable brands in India. If you like to apply discounts before checking out, you must make your next perfume purchase on Purplle; they always have a little something for every shopper! Choose from more than 3000+ genuine fragrance options available on Purplle. Some popular perfume brands on Purplle are Body Cupid, La French, Versace, Engage, Jimmy Choo, Urban Hero, Nautica Voyage, Fogg, Mamaearth, etc.  

  1. French Essence- 

Perfumes with attractive packaging are instant charmers! But buying products solely based on the packaging can sometimes lead to disappointment. 

However, with French Essence fragrances, you don’t have to worry because you’ll only find genuine products on this website. French Essence has an exotic collection of authentic perfumes online India with premium unisex fragrances, deodorants, and classy perfume gift sets. You can also find refreshing and natural bath and body products on their online store. 

If you are environment-conscious, against animal cruelty, and prefer paraben-free perfumes- you must check out French Essence products today!

  1. Sephora

Sephora sells more than just skincare and wellness products. 

It sells a luxurious lifestyle crafted with authentic beauty and fragrance products from high-end brands. You can even shop according to the fragrance family (floral, fresh, warm, earthy, woody, etc.) on Sephora. It makes shopping less time-consuming if you already have a signature aroma. Some top perfume brands for men on Sephora are Tom ford, Burberry, and Davidoff, while Dolce & Gabbana and Armani Code EDP are among the most popular women’s perfume brands at Sephora online. This website also sells branded high endurance deodorants and body mists for men and women. 

Bottom Line

Perfumes are a luxury item, and many people prefer to purchase perfumes online to avoid the high price tags of retail stores. Buying perfumes online also allows you to try out different scents without walking into a store; that too- from the comfort of your couch. Another advantage of online fragrance shopping is the flexibility of easily comparing reviews across websites to find the best products at the best prices.

Undoubtedly online shopping is super fun and a blessing in disguise! But still, perfume shopping online needs a little extra effort. For instance, you need to familiarize yourself with basic fragrance families, understand your preferences, and get clarity about the different types of notes to find the right perfume. The one that speaks to your inner self and highlights your individuality!

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