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Why Dissertation Defense Requires Theoretical Knowledge?

by Steven Brown
Why Dissertation Defense Requires Theoretical Knowledge

Research is a necessary element to consider at a higher educational level. At the bachelor’s level, you have to work on research in the final year. Similarly, master’s and doctoral levels also include research work. At the master’s and doctoral levels, you have to cover coursework in one year, and then you need to start research work. You can see how important this element is because of which every level of higher education has its major contribution to the degree.

At the time of starting research, you must have a proper understanding of all of its requirements. One of the requirements of research is dissertation defense. Without clearing your defense, you cannot complete your degree. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss dissertation defense.

What Is Dissertation Defense?

This is the final step that is necessary for degree completion. You can call it a final examination of your research work. The dissertation defense is a formal requirement that has so many purposes. This is not the only examination of your work, but you have to deal with so many others before that. At the time of working on a dissertation, you have to approve everything from your advisor. At the time of dissertation completion, you have to perform well in internal defense. After all this, the final step is of the dissertation defense. In this defense, you have to justify your work in front of internal and external examiners.

What are the purposes of final defense?

Another purpose of this defense is to work and reflect your ideas, claims, and everything independently. You are no more dependent on your advisor. The independent qualities of the researcher are also the main focus of examiners. One of the major purposes of the final defense is to see if the student is well familiar with everything written in the dissertation or not. If a student is familiar with everything, it means all of the work is genuine. In contrast to this, if a student is not sure about things written in a dissertation, it shows that it is not comprised of precise measurements and genuine methodology.

What is the Importance of Theoretical Knowledge in Dissertation Defense?

You can see that the whole of the dissertation revolves around the theoretical discussion. Your claim and idea need a ground basis in the form of theory. When your dissertation writing comprises theoretical knowledge, it means you have to represent it in the same context. You have to provide a theoretical justification for it. Also, theoretical knowledge provides background information for the topic of discussion.

If you differentiate academic research from other research types, you will get to know the importance of theoretical knowledge. In academic research, practical work is less than a descriptive one. As whole research is theoretical, its justification is also supposed to be in theoretical form.

Before appearing in the final defense, you must understand the importance of theoretical knowledge. Your institute has invested a lot in you. The investment is in terms of effort, time, and money. Your lack of theoretical knowledge can become the cause of your defense failure. It may not affect you much, as you can do it in the next attempt. It is necessary to know about the reputation of your institute. You may not be aware of the role of theoretical knowledge, so it will become a cause of disappointment for the end of the department and its higher faculty.

How to Prepare for Your Dissertation Defense?

If you call dissertation defense a payoff to your long efforts, it would not be wrong. There are many cases in which students have genuinely worked hard, but they might have failed in the final defense. This happens when you lack in right preparation for defense. Although you have to represent the same thing in defense as you did in a dissertation, still it requires some tips. You need to work on skills to represent something in front of experts. If you are feeling a bit anxious about it, it is natural. So, let’s discuss some tips to prepare well for your final defense.

  • First of all, you need to understand the structure of the final defense.
  • Ask your advisor for the format of defense.
  • Ask your advisor about some tips and also search for the best articles relevant to your problem.
  • Try to get an idea about all internals as well as externals that are going to conduct dissertation defense.
  • After having the list of the committees, you can work to get their psyche.
  • Make a list of generally asked questions in the final defense. Prepare all of the questions very well.
  • Work on the importance, scope, and demand of your dissertation topic. Also, prepare your contributions
  • Ask some seniors to conduct a mock defense.
  • Record your interview and point out mistakes on your own. Also, follow the feedback of seniors.


For having the best final defense, you have to know its important elements. Start your defense with the importance of your topic. This is the basic requirement of final defense. After importance, you are supposed to come up with your contributions in the field of research through the topic of discussion. In every final defense, you will be asked about your contribution. You can call it a fixed question. So, you have to be very much clear about it. Also, the dissertation defense should include transition, backup details, and details of the whole project. All of this information is linked with theoretical knowledge. So, you can see that theoretical knowledge is an un-neglect able part of the dissertation defense.

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