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Why Do You Need to Use a Corporate Intranet Portal?

by Steven Brown

What is a company intranet portal?

Your corporate intranet portal is where everyone in your organization can see what’s going on. It is also a digital water cooler. Think of the intranet portal as your company’s internal home page.

Agilityportal.io makes setting up your Corporate Intranet Portal very easy.

More specifically, what is the purpose of the intranet dashboard?

There are important navigation to all parts of the employee intranet solution. It links to everything you’d expect from an employee portal, including HR forms, onboarding manuals, policies, and all the documentation that makes up the company’s internal wiki. There are also links to external websites and other internal tools used by the company. And, of course, dashboards need to be linked to different departments and workgroups within the organization. This is the corporate hub for all relevant information.

Have a calendar with upcoming events. Let everyone know at a glance what kind of event is coming. Agilityportal.io has a powerful calendar built in and also integrates with Google Calendar, so Agilityportal.io calendar events automatically appear on your smartphone or tablet.

Display the latest information on the corporate intranet portal. People need to know when new pages and new information are added to the intranet. So add a widget that automatically links to recently created (or modified) pages. simple.

place for company news and internal blog posts

The place for company news and internal blog posts. Make announcements, vote for employees, and stay up-to-date on the company’s vision and recent achievements. The dashboard is also the natural place for all this information. It also functions as a bulletin board.

Look for. Needless to say, you should be able to search the entire Employee Intranet Solution. Agilityportal.io offers enterprise search to search files, contacts, pages, cloud documents and forms directly from your dashboard. As you type, the results will be displayed.Open the intranet in the discussion. Join us and share your thoughts. Allows you to view the latest discussions on your intranet dashboard.

Excellent corporate intranet portal dashboard software makes communication and collaboration very smooth.

Why use a company intranet portal?

A common question is: “Does our business really need a corporate intranet portal?” This is a good question. This page describes some of the most common symptoms in organizations. We see our own symptoms, and the symptoms we hear every day.

These are the symptoms that an organization might actually need an intranet.

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