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Why Green Screen Backgrounds are Important Business Tools in the 21st Century

by Steven Brown

Most people associate green screens with moviemaking. After all, green screens are the “grandfathers” of special effects. Moviemakers have used green screens since 1903. Today, making films using green screens is so easy that not using them is seen as something admirable for moviemakers. But, the ease of use of green screens can greatly benefit regular professionals who have nothing to do with filmmaking

Green Screens: No Longer a Moviemaking Tool

It became normal for regular business professionals to use green screens during the COVID19 pandemic. In some parts of the world, green screen sales increased by 600%. That’s because companies still had to make video content. Business leaders still had to create professional settings in videoconference calls. Doing these things remotely was near impossible. That’s why the green screen background became an essential business tool.

Most top businesses use some form of video content marketing. From explainer videos to how-to tutorials to product descriptions – basic video marketing is essential for every new-age brand. With green screens, brands don’t need too many resources to create high-quality video content. What are the upsides of using green screens to create content for your brand? They’re countless. Video content is extremely beneficial for brands because –

  • Adding videos to websites directly leads to more sales and conversions.
  • Green screen videos are very cheap to produce. Still, they provide amazing returns.
  • Video editing tools are improving and becoming easier to use every year. With just green screens and some basic editing tools, any brand representative can make decent videos.
  • Brand trust is the key to securing conversions and sales. Building brand trust becomes easier when you make green screen videos explaining your products, brand ideas, etc.
  • Creating high-quality green screen content and adding them to your website will improve its Google rankings. Websites with high-quality video content are 53 times likelier to show up first on Google’s SERPs.
  • Taking part in videoconference calls via your phone becomes easier when you use green screen backgrounds. Remove all the shakiness or dullness. Add HD images or animations to the background to appear professional – even if you’re using your smartphone to videoconference.

How Can Business Leaders Use Green Screens?

Using green screens is very easy. These light, portable screens can be set up anywhere. Set them up as your background. Any object or “subject” you place in front of the green screen will appear sharper, cleaner, and more prominent. Then use your green screen background to –

  • Create professional-looking backgrounds for every virtual meeting you have. Only share clean & crisp video content with your coworkers, customers, etc.
  • Avoid outdoor brand shoots. Those shoots come with risks like weather conditions and heavy expenses. Instead, create indoor shooting spaces. Use your green screens as backgrounds for brand shoots, product shoots, company interviews, etc.
  • Set up the green screens as backgrounds in promotional events. Make people take pictures in front of your green screens. Add your brand’s logo, colors, messages, etc., in the post-production stage.

Green screen videos can elevate your brand and your work culture to a new level!

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