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Why Hiring UI Designers is Important for Your Small Scale Business?

by Steven Brown
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In all likelihood, your answer is “Colors” and “Logo design” UI Designers. This is entirely true; most people out there judge a brand by how well it has been presented (physically or digitally) before they move on to its motto and ethos statements UI designers. Think about the colors red and white – which brands appear in your mind’s eye? Netflix, Coca Cola, and Adobe; you get the gist. Website design Invision backs this statement up with their study that highlights how the brands that end up on the top rungs of their industry are actually the ones that dedicate deserved focus and resources to design.

The same concept applies to all the digital touchpoints you aim to create with your consumers; they need to be designed well. This puts graphics and designing a great user interface at the helm of helping define the persona and image of your brand to its audience.

It is the need for delivering an exemplary brand experience to consumers that drives the run to hire UI designers on priority. Let this blog give you a few more compelling reasons to underscore the importance of a UI designer for a small business.

Why Does a Small-Scale Business Need UI Design?

The world has become increasingly digital. Most of the customer interactions today happen online over digital media. Small businesses, in this scenario, need to display a competitive nature in order to register growth and expand beyond the local boundaries.

Search engines are the primary resource of information for your consumers today. This puts your websites and social media on the top priority list for a user interface overhaul. According to research by GoodFirms, it is established that:

  • 73.1% of website designers vouch that a non-responsive website design is the top reason for traffic bounce
  • 88% can be attributed to slow loading
  • 61.5% to bad navigation design

These statistics, if realized, are counterproductive for company growth. Especially in a world where digitality has become second nature to billions of internet users out there. A small business needs to go the extra mile to carve its own space in the rapidly evolving trends.


The modern consumer needs convenience, speed, and memorable experiences online when they decide to initiate interaction with a brand. This could be your only opportunity to deliver what they seek. – One bad experience is all it takes to drive a consumer away. It is, thus, best to invest in UI and UX design. From the seedling stages of your business and evolve them over time.

How Can UI Designers Help?

User interface designers are pivotal parts of your company who help you deliver a prim. Proper online facade to the customers. Here is how they can help.

Identification of the Need

User interface design is a complex science that deals with understanding. What a customer needs from a product, and then acting on the information. A UI designer helps you survey your target audience and gather feedback on what they think about your current UI. The elements that they would like to see, the parts of an interface that they wish would have expanded functionality – a UI designer records this information and identifies the need.

It is from here that the process of designing a new and improved user interface begins. By understanding the demand, trends, and the need amongst your consumers, the UI designer delivers exactly what your audience expects.

Designing the Product

Equipped with survey and feedback data. The user interface designer then proceeds to have in-depth discussions with your tech-teams and decision makers. He puts in the effort to understand your brand and the purpose of the product. Putting the customer needs and product objectives side-by-side. A UI designer then brainstorms over creating a fluid design that is intuitive and delivers the right user experience at the right touchpoints.

This is the most important part of the development process. Each element of the UI needs to resonate with the audience and their needs from your application or website.


Brand Design

It is understandable that brand design may be the responsibility of a graphics designer. However, noticing that a user line also represents the brand on a very intimate level. every aspect of your brand needs to be reflected in the UI design that ends up on your website.

This works to deliver a highly cohesive experience to the consumers.

Online Presence

In order to establish uniformity in your online presence. A UI design that defines your brand’s website needs to be translate across all your online and digital channels. A UI designer would know how best to go towards achieving this with least apk resource expense and maximum productivity.

Brand Persona

Think about Ikea, Instagram, and Facebook. The user interface experience that you get remains consistent and aligned perfectly with what the brand is. A channel-agnostic design that embodies the same characteristics and behavior. Helps your consumers feel familiar regardless of the touchpoints they reach for i bomma.com.


Remember: 90% of the internet users won’t come back to a badly designed UI.

If your business is just starting out, or is poised at the edge of growth. Prioritize investing in a good UI designer and reimagining your brand through the perspective of your target audience.

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