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10+ Best Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks and Traffic

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Guest Posting

In your pursuit of SEO knowledge, you’ve likely come across all sorts of “strategies” to improve your traffic. But I will say, some strategies are better than others. This is particularly true when it derives to link edifice. The web is ripe with spammy link sellers and link farms” promising backlinks for pennies. Chances are, your money and time would be better spent on more organic methods.

Enter: Guest Posting

Guest posting is prevalent why so submit your unique content for the newspaper on additional websites and blogs. 64.9% of link constructors actively use it as their go-to course. Guest posting can be a natural and true way to drive links and circulation back to your website.

Why should you submit guest posts?

If you’re looking for an SEO boost, be on the lookout for existing guest posting opportunities. Although the concept of guest posting has been around since the beginning of blogging, it is still a proven way to increase your website’s search engine rankings. Yes, things have changed, and you’ll need to approach guest posts differently than you did ten years ago. But you can immobile benefit from dresses like:

  • Increased commerce and visibility as a pleased creator
  • Better domain authority well-placed do-follow links
  • Better position physically as a thought leader in your trade

Guest posting sounds link a great idea in idea (visibility for you, content for them), but you motionless have to be careful. You can benefit in big ways from legitimate opportunities, but participating in the creation of dubious content can do more harm than good-both to your reputation and your site’s Google performance.

Make sure to evade any guest posting chances that:

· Come across as “spammy” or held in poor taste. 

· Offer or appeal payment for happy contributions.

· Violate any known Google policy for SEO optimization.

These overall rules can help you evade negative guest posting occasions while still discovering the concealed gems that principal to great results for your site.

Top 10+ guest posting sites for backlinks

If you’re absorbed in guest posting but aren’t sure anywhere to start, we’ve done some of the weighty exciting for you. Squared out the sites lower to get a feel for content opportunities, proposal rules, topics, and more.


Dpromb stands for Digital promotion of business allows its users to share content related to business and capture a relevant audience. People can also drive traffic and get high authority backlinks by using this platform. If you are looking to promote your brand then keep dpromb on first priority to share business content.


Mashable is a global entertainment and media company that publishes floors about culture, skill, current events, and extra. The website operates as a news television platform with an original mission to foster societal good. While Mashabe’s audience is vast, guest posting occasions can be highly good. Mashable offers several full-time sites, but the senior department publishing supervisor may accept unique pitches for guest topics on occasion. Pledge to posts and job alerts to stay in the distinguish.


Outbrain is a discovery platform that helps companies connect with consumers through creative advertising and smart recommendations. Outbrain accepts guest submissions on topics such as native advertising, performance marketing, affiliate marketing, brand awareness, conversion rate optimization, and other digital marketing concepts. If you have a unique idea that fits Outbrain’s if you have a unique idea that 

fits Outbrain’s core features, check out the necessities and succumb your terrain to [email protected].


Hubspot is one of the foremost names in incoming marketing, sales, and CRM software. In addition to offering an inclusive suite of marketing crops, the HubSpot staff often contributes technical and authoritative blog poles on a variety of digital advertising topics. Guest blogging on HubSpot involves Knowing the four main blogs you want to post on: Marketing, Sales, Service, or Website, Each blog has unique guidelines and submission requirements, so see the Guest Posting page for more details.


Copyblogger is a content marketing training site that helps writers discover new tips, trends, and strategies to improve their writing. The resources are designed to equip writers with new skills that allow them to remain competitive in a busy market.

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