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Factors to consider while purchasing a second hand TVS Jupiter

by Steven Brown
Factors to consider while purchasing a second hand TVS Jupiter

A second hand TVS Jupiter is a great financial decision if you are on a smaller budget. It fetches you all the new bike features, and you pay way less. Buying a secondhand vehicle is always tricky, and you should be extra careful while purchasing. There are a few factors which should be considered before buying a second hand vehicle. There may be some fraudulent individuals who may try to sell you a sub-par two wheeler. Here are some factors you can consider while purchasing a secondhand TVS Jupiter. 

Factors to consider while purchasing a second hand TVS Jupiter

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Factors to consider while purchasing a second hand TVS Jupiter

  1. Total distance covered in kilometres – The number of kilometres run is a good indication of the vehicle’s state. If the kilometres are higher, you should expect a shorter life span of the TVS Jupiter, and you can negotiate for a lower price. The number of kilometres also affects the state of the two wheeler, and generally, the ride quality reduces considerably. At the same time, the ownership cost increases as the maintenance required are frequent.
  2. Model and make – The model and make of TVS Jupiter will give you an insight into the features that came with the model and the ones that are now available. A lot of times, a particular make and model have defects that are fixed in the next lot. This is important, and you need to research before buying the secondhand TVS Jupiter. The make and model also give you the year of production.
  3. Past owners and insurance coverage – When you are buying the two wheeler, it is essential to know whether there were other owners of the same vehicle before you. You also need to check if it was covered under TVS Jupiter insurance. Insurance is mandatory as per the law and essential for the vehicle’s upkeep. You also do not end up spending money from your pocket in case of an accident.

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  1. Cost of ownership – You will have to incur some expenses irrespective of whether the vehicle is brand new or a second hand. The cost of ownership is a sum of all expenses you would incur when you own a TVS Jupiter. That includes insurance, petrol, maintenance, accessories, oil changes, etc. It is the sum of all operation costs that you can incur.
  2. History of accidents and repairs – Find out how often the TVS Jupiter has been in an accident and needed repair. You can also find out which parts have been replaced with new parts. This information is available with the insurer and can be requested when buying the two wheeler.
  3. Physical state – The appearance and physical state itself are great indicators of whether the two wheeler has been maintained well. Rust marks here and there, scuff marks, dents, broken accessories, and hanging parts, are some of the things that indicate poor maintenance. The physical state is an indicator of any accidents or mishandling as well.
  4. Documents should be in place – When the transfer of ownership happens, verifying the owner’s identity and the documents’ authenticity is essential. The documents should be all in the owner’s name, and you should verify the owner’s identity using some of his documents. The documents should reflect proper ownership. The registration certificate, pollution certificate, insurance policy, tax invoice, and sales receipt are some of the things you should definitely check.

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  1. History with the law – It is very easy to check the history of any vehicle with the law. You can go online, type in the registration number, and check the history of the TVS Jupiter. You can check for any pending challans, any run-ins with the law, and whether there are any unresolved cases with the same vehicle as the one you are buying.
  2. Servicing and mileage – A properly maintained vehicle is serviced regularly and gives good mileage because of that. Don’t forget to ask about the frequency of services and oil changes. The condition of the engine along with the expected life span can be determined according to this. You can ask for paperwork from the owners to get proof of the service’s regularity.
  3. Damage during a natural calamity – The previous owners are bound to declare if the two wheeler has been in a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane and whether that has damaged the vehicle in any way. It is important as you may face consequential damage later on.

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Every two wheeler deserves the best irrespective of whether it is a brand new one or whether it is a second hand two wheeler. If you are on a very tight budget, you can go for a third party two wheeler insurance instead of comprehensive insurance. It covers the basic requirement of the law, and protects you in case of an accident against any financial liabilities towards a third party in case of an accident.

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