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10 Essential Facilities for IELTS Institutes

by Steven Brown
IELTS Coaching

If you’re looking to open an IELTS institute in Kharar, there are a few facilities that you’ll need in order to provide the best possible experience for your students. Here is a list of 10 essential facilities that every IELTS institute should have:

1. A separate room for the teacher

The IELTS institute should have a separate room for the teacher where they can prepare their classes and store their materials. This will help to create a more professional environment for the students and make it easier for the teacher to focus on their work.

2. A whiteboard or blackboard

In addition, the room should be equipped with a whiteboard or blackboard, as well as a projector and screen. This will allow the teacher to present their material in a more engaging way and make it easier for the students to follow along.

3. Seating arrangements for students

The seating arrangements in an IELTS institute should be comfortable for students and conducive to learning. There should be enough space between rows of seats so that students can move around and interact with each other easily. The chairs should be comfortable and adjustable so that students can sit in them for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable.

4. Storage space to keep materials and equipment

IELTS institutes need to have enough storage space to keep materials and equipment organized and in good condition. This includes shelves, cabinets, and other storage solutions that can hold everything from books to computers.

5. Wifi facility

One of the most important facilities for online coaching for IELTS exam is wifi connection. Students need to have a good internet connection to be able to access online resources and do research.

6. A reception desk where students can check in and get help with paperwork

An IELTS institute needs to have a designated area for students to check in and get help with any paperwork they may need. This is especially important if the institute offers services like visa assistance or travel booking. Having a central reception desk will help to keep things organized and ensure that students are getting the help they need.

7. A waiting area for students and visitors

The waiting area should be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate all of the institute’s students and visitors. It should also be close to the reception desk so that students can easily inquire about services or get help with any problems they may have.

8. A computer lab is necessary for online test practice

IELTS institutes need to provide their students with access to a computer lab so they can practice taking the online tests. Ideally, the computer lab should have a minimum of 20 computers and be open for at least six hours per day.

9. A library or reading area is also important

The institute should also have a well-stocked library for students to use. The library should have a variety of books, including textbooks, fiction and non-fiction books, and study guides. The library should also have a quiet study area for students to use.

10. An administration block

An IELTS institute simply cannot function without a good administration block. This is where students can go to register for courses, pay their fees, and get help with any administrative problems they may have. The staff here need to be friendly and efficient, and the facilities need to be up to scratch.

11. Refreshment areas are necessary for students to take breaks in between classes.

 It is also a great place for students to socialize and get to know each other. There should be plenty of seating and tables, as well as a few vending machines for snacks and drinks.

The reception area is the first thing that potential students will see when they visit your institute, so it is important to make a good impression. The reception area should be spacious and well-decorated, with a few comfortable chairs for visitors to wait in. There should also be a friendly staff member on hand to greet visitors and answer any questions they may have.

12. Restrooms must be accessible to students and staff at all times.

Accessible restrooms are an essential part of any IELTS institute. They allow all students and staff to use the facilities with ease and comfort. Grab bars in the stalls provide additional support for those who need it, while knee-height sinks make it easier for wheelchair users to wash their hands. Having a mirror at an accessible height is also important, as it allows everyone to check their appearance before leaving the restroom.

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