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Methods on Learning 2 and 3 Letter Word Effectively

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3 Letter Word

Learning 2 and 3 letter words is a great start for kids to learn after knowing the alphabet. Stepping up to build and learn new short words. Effective reading and writing 3 letter words will help your child in gaining enthusiasm for learning more words and letters. With the rapid changes in education and learning. Parents and teachers struggle with how to utilize 3 letter phrases for children. 

The accessibility of educational apps makes it easy to download and teach their children on learning three-letter words effectively. The apps have saved time from relying on papers and worksheets which provides uninterrupted learning for greater accessibility. The use of a 3 letter word app helps your child to know the blended phrases of vowels and consonants. To read and pronounce them right. 

If your child has trouble with learning the blended words of vowels and consonants in two and three letters. Here are the two useful apps that will provide your children with accessible and fun learning. These two educational apps will aid your child in building new words that form two and three letters phrases. Also, it makes a convenient use to teach your child to learn it and utilize it at home or classroom. 

CVC 3 Letter Words 

CVC 3 Letter Words 

CVC Consonant Vowel Consonant Words is a useful and accessible app. That comprises a mixture of vowels and consonants that aid to train your child with phonics and reading. The app saves time from creating paper flashcards as this app has interactive content. That makes your child enjoy learning the blends of vowels and consonants. Not only does the app allow your child to learn the basics of forming 3 letter words. But also improves vocabulary. 

Automated tasks save from repetition and make them more effective than printed sheets. The 2 letter word app has 14 categories with 84 essential words. Your child can drag and match the letter combinations to form a word. This helps to remember and create three-letter words with a corresponding image for better understanding. Each word has high-quality images for ensuring a greater engagement for children to learn what the word looks like. 

The app has an interactive and animated video to increase the enjoyment of learning three-letter phrases. Standout images to enjoy the attention of learning. The attractive interface makes it easy to use. And access the app without the hassle of figuring out how to drag and match the letter to form the word. 

For checking the progress of your child’s learning. The consonant words app provides stars for progress tracking which shows how far your child has achieved. Once the word is complete, the star is given and then the word is grayed out making it disabled. This function provides by excelling more words for your child to learn more phrases on the go. The stars can be reset to redo the words and restart the level again. 

To remember how the word is pronounced, the CVC app has a studio-quality voiceover. That helps your child in pronouncing the words right. This helps to remember how that certain word sounds and promotes phonetic learning. The app is suitable for 3 to 6 years of age and makes an ideal educational tool to learn.

Words Train 

Words Train 

Words Train App is another helpful educational tool. That makes a beautiful learning game for kids to form three-letter phrases on the go. The app helps to learn the basic vocabulary words with their spellings to form the correct spelling of the word. With a fun and interactive user interface allows your child to enjoy the app. And increase their confidence for better phonetic learning. 

The blended learning of vowel letters and consonants helps to build letters on the train wagon. And make the word for improving vocabulary, reading and writing skills. The train app is divided into three different levels that are easy, medium and difficult. Each level begins with three letter phrases and works the way up to seven letter phrases. 

Once the child completes the level. He or She gets one star and provides coins based on the number of levels completed. For instance, if the child completes three letter vocab, that child achieves three coins. 

For increasing content engagement, the app provides a corresponding image with each vocabulary to know what the word looks like. To enhance the greater sound experience. The wording app has an authentic sound to get a hint when making the spelling. This helps to motivate your child on how the word sounds. 

Alphabet Recognition Activities 

Alphabet Recognition Activities 

Alphabet Recognition Activities is an alphabet recognition app that allows children to learn and recognize letters in uppercase and lowercase forms. With different activities in this app makes it easily accessible for kindergarten teachers that comprise many small exercises that make it interactive in the form of games. This builds great engagement for increasing confidence in vocabulary pronunciation in English.

The alphabet pronunciation app consists of four recognition activities with rich features and interactive exercises. The four activities are pressing the alphabet, dragging & match letters, gathering the cards and kindergarten worksheets. This aids kids to enjoy learning the recognition of the English alphabet in upper and lowercase forms. To add to this, the educational app has alphabet flashcards that help your child to remember the letters and recognize them instantly. This boosts your child’s memory in recognizing letters by heart. 

The app comprises multiple levels plus increased or decreased levels as per the child’s progress. This helps to see how far has your child progressed in learning letters in these four activities. It allows you to choose any difficulty level at any time and has similar colors or grayscale colors for the letters. This ensures ease of readability. 

For greater engagement, the pronunciation app has four fonts to choose the desired font and three attractive background songs to enjoy using the app on the go. This helps to keep your child entertained while learning the letters. 

The app offers a colorful or white background option to choose a suitable background color for readability. This saves you from fumbling the app and enables your child to read and learn the letters with the desired background color. 

Wrap Up 

Learning new short words is a great way to get into the stepping stones of learning more words and letters. The changes in technology in education sectors have made children utilize the three letter word with ease. The use of three-letter phrases helps to improve vocabulary and reading skills. 


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