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8 Best platforms For Doing Business In Live Streaming Industry

by Steven Brown
Live Streaming

As technology advanced day by day, everything went fast. The Internet gives access to go online and create your own business.  

The cable tv business is now becoming old school. Online video businesses are trending in recent times. If you watch the evolution of tv then you will find, cathode ray electronic tv, black & white tv, color tv, and then cable tv, and the latest in the market android tv.

In recent times, people can watch their favorite content is it shows or videos online on their mobiles, laptops, tablets, or smart TVs in as high quality as they want. Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Disney+, 9anime app, Hulu, and many more are top online streaming platforms also they are streaming competitors and each one of them has some unique quality shows.

Best Live Streaming App

There are many platforms in the market. All of them have some pros and cons. But if you evaluate them, you have to look at what unique features they gave. And we have researched and concluded with some of these apps-

Facebook – 

With over 2 billion monthly users Facebook has the top of our list. It has features of direct live video on the Facebook app. 

Available on- Desktop, iOS, Android


I think everybody knows YouTube. I don’t need to give an explanation about YouTube. Here you will find every type of content, like speech, fashion, education, motivation, gaming, or reviews. It also gives access to creators to go live directly with fans.

Available on- desktop, iOS, Android, Smart Tv

Instagram Live- 

Instagram live is often called the little sister of Facebook live. It is also a popular option for those people who wanted to heavily contact with their dream celebrity. One can stream video and connect with viewers on social media networks. It also provides free video streaming.

Available On- desktop, iOS, and Android.

LinkedIn Live-

LinkedIn is another popular and great option for streaming. Mostly this streaming platform dal with professional people. It offers organizations, company also individuals to go air and directly promote their ideas o business models. 

Available On- Desktop, Android, and iOS


Streamlabs is a mobile app where you can set up the camera and go live on multiple streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Also in a couple of minutes, you can stream on multiple platforms using custom themes. 

Available On- Android and iOS


UStream is populated in the genre of event featuring. It also has artificial intelligence caption and real-time analysis. UStream offers live streaming, automatic speech to text, and video hosting, making UStream a great option for business.

Available On- Desktop, iOS, and Android


If you looking for a more professional platform, Brightcove is a good option. It has some special features like bitrate streaming. Brightcove has marketing and video analytic features including many more specializations. 

Available on- Desktop, iOS, Android


YouNow has a unique feature. One can steam video while also meeting with other live streamers. You can use YouNow to chat with live streamers, stream live music, and many more.


Once upon a time, television was a part of the family. The whole family it together and watch favorite movie or news. But today everyone has a separate mobile or laptop to enjoy content through live streaming. This young generation loves streaming platforms and also has a wish to appear for it weeks in a year.

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