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9 Best Electric Nail Files To Ace Your Manicure At Home

by Steven Brown

Everyone enjoys having a clean and elegant set of nails done by a manicurist. Going to a manicurist now and then guarantees you professional work done. But don’t you think getting your manicure tools, including a professional nail file, will exponentially cut your costs? It certainly will. In this article, we explore 9 of the best electric files you can get to level up your manicure game at home. 

  1. Bluesky Nail File – Rhombus 

Going at only £4.99, this electric nail file will increase your ease when filing your nails to the desired shape. The nail file has a high-quality dual-grade grit that effectively shapes nails, avoiding any possible strain you might ordinarily experience. The best way to enjoy the full range of the benefits attributable to this file is by using it gently through short strokes in one direction. In doing so, you will notice your nails acquire the smoothness you have always wanted. 

  1. HUGMAPLEPRO Portable Nail Drill Kit 

If you are looking for a nail drill that is both light and easy to handle with excellent service, then the HUGMAPLEPRO Portable Nail Drill Kit will be an excellent option for you. This nail file has a long and enduring battery life capable of serving you for a long time with no recharges. If you are still inexperienced in home-based manicuring techniques, this is the best kit to hone your skills. 

  1. Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine 

If you are looking for a nail file that can work well for both natural and artificial nails, then the Makartt Electric Nail File with nail drills will be a perfect option. The nail fail has six interchangeable parts to achieve different proportions of sanding and filing of nails. Additionally, the nail file is quiet, allowing you to sand down your nails without being a nuisance to other people. 

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  1. MelodySusie Scarlet Electric Nail Drill 

Filing nails requires precision and accuracy; a slight unintended movement can transform your nails from a work of art to a mess. With an adjustable speed control knob and six-bit holders, the MelodySusie Scarlet Electric Nail Drill, this nail drill bit provides the accuracy you need to file your nails expertly. The file is suitable for all nails, whether natural, tips, acrylics, or gel. 

  1. AIRSEE 203 Portable E-file 

If you are looking for a nail file that can help you file down your nails and clear polish and gel when applied, the AIRSEE 203 Portable E-file will do the trick. This nail file has a high-tech speed drill bit that has low vibration. As such, the file will help you saw down your nails without the risk of damaging your nails. Compared to other selections of nail drill bits, the AIRSEE 203 Portable E-file is cost-friendly. 

  1. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Rotary Tool 

Using nail files of poor quality can cause pain and damage your nails. Using the Dremel 7300-PT nail file allows you to file down your nails to a smooth edge with no pain. The nail file is also appropriate for filing down your pet’s nails when you need to. So, if you are looking to have matching mani-pedis with your dog or cat, then the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Rotary Tool will be an excellent choice. 

  1. Beurer 10-Speed Electric Manicure and Pedicure Kit 

The Beurer mani-pedi kit is a brilliant 10-speed selection tailored to guarantee excellent performance and durability. The electric nail file comes with an LED light to allow you to file your nails even in the dark. If you have a problem handling the dust that arises when you file your nails, this manicure kit will be an ideal option. While the default setting for the Beurer is 10 speeds, you can adjust it to 18 speeds to increase your edge and accuracy. 

  1. Bellasonic Electric Nail File Set 

Achieving professional nail filing in the comfort of your home can be tricky. Nonetheless, if you have the Bellasonic nail file set, you are guaranteed the professional service you have always experienced at nail salons. The nail file has a propriety head that provides a backward and forward motion to smoothen your nails. 

  1. Clio Nail Grooming Sets 

The Clio Nail Grooming Set is a versatile tool capable of providing more than filing services for your nails. The set has interchangeable tools to facilitate precision, cuticle removal, smoothing, and shaping of nails. At the budget-friendly price of $16, this nail fail is guaranteed to serve your pocket and your nails in equal proportion. 

Wrapping Up 

The expert service at nail salons is desirable for any manicure and pedicure enthusiast. However, selecting the electric nail files above will be ideal if you want to save a buck or two or work on your nails in the comfort of your home. Each option discussed above will serve you well; therefore, the best option for you will depend on your preferences and needs. Experiment with the choices above and get the one that will work best for you. 

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