by Steven Brown

In a city like Mumbai, having even a compact 1BHK of your own is a big achievement. With property prices showing no signs of going down and home buyers increasing by the day, Mumbai is one of the leading choice for individuals who want to give themselves and their families a good standard of living. While living in a big apartment does indeed have its distinct advantages, a small house also offers a charm of its own. In this article, we will share some advantages of living in a small house.

Saves you money

It’s a known fact that a small house costs less to acquire as compared to a relatively large house. While the acquisition savings of a small house are indeed significant, the monthly savings is what makes a small house a favourite with families who are living on a budget. For starters, a small house allows you to take a relatively home loan, which in turn ensures that you pay lower EMIs. Another important area where you save money every month is the electricity bill. As the rooms in a small house are less, so are the electrical appliances and touch points, which translates into lesser electricity consumption and subsequently lower electricity bills. The housing society calculates monthly maintenance on the built-up area of the apartment. A small house covers a lesser floor area and attracts low maintenance, giving you extra savings every month. Now all this savings comes in use when you are going through a financially lean phase due to a temporary loss in income. Also, living in a small house means that you can acquire just about so many things, so you avoid overspending. As they say, money not spent is money earned! Lavishly designed apartments at gold coin residency orlem

Easy to maintain

A small house has less areas to clean and thus is easier to maintain. It comes as no surprise that while a small house can be fully cleaned in minutes, a large house takes hours to make it look gleaming. The number of things that need to be dusted or cleaned are also less in a small house. Since the area is small, no large objects can be a part of the furniture. Now this is a good thing, because large interior items have a higher probability of breaking when being cleaned. Also, with the spare time that you have in your hand due to less cleaning up, you can start a new hobby and discover a dimension to your life.

Encourages family bonding

In a small house, family members keep bumping into each other as they make their way to different areas, This increase the opportunity of more conversations among them and helps in increasing the bonding. Also, if you want to connect with a family member in another room, you just need to walk a few steps, as compared to maybe five times those steps in a large house. When relatives come over, the small space actually makes them want to just gather in the living room, as this is the single biggest area in a small house. Best lifestyle amenities available at gold coin residency malad west

You can live in a prime area

If you want to live in a prime area of Mumbai and are willing to sacrifice the size of your house, you can enjoy the best of both world’s by living in your own apartment and enjoying all the perks of living in a posh area. Just imagine, all you have to do is step out of your house and your in the middle of all the action that’s taking place nearby, rather than you having to waste a couple of hours driving to and from your favourite city hangout. 


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