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All you need to know about Azerbaijan e-visa

by Steven Brown

There are two ways to get a visa to visit Azerbaijan. The typical visa application process is via the embassy where you have to call them, provide documents and get an appointment for formal meetings. Applying from the embassy can be full of hassle and also know that it can be very time taking. It can take you months to get the visa from the embassy. You can avoid this entire conundrum by availing the Azerbaijan e visa facility offered by the Azeri government.

Evisa Azerbaijan is the type of visa which can be obtained online. This visa can be applied by individual travelers as well as by travel agencies. The process to get the Azerbaijan e visa is quite easy and even a rookie can apply and get the visa in three to five business days at max. 

When should you apply for the ASAN electronic visa?

The typical visa request must be made months before you plan on traveling and this is because it is a time taking procedure. But when you are applying for the Azerbaijan e visa you need to apply three to four days before the date of your traveling. According to official instructions you must not apply before this time as your visa request might get rejected. The reason you need to apply at this peak time before your flight is because the validity of electronic visa is lesser than the typical visa. 

Necessary documents you need to get the Azerbaijan e visa

People who prefer getting the e visa from an agency or from a website would need to show some documents. The list has been mentioned below for your understanding.

  • First you have to fill out the digital application form. This is the most important travel to Azerbaijan visa requirements for tourists. Ensure the information added in the application is accurate and verifiable.
  • Secondly you have to scan your passport and attach a digital copy of it with the application form. The passport should have at least two blank pages, and should have a validity of at least three months. Also the passport should be issued within the previous decade.
  • You need to attach passport size photographs with the application form.
  • Other than these important documents you need to show confirmation letters or hotel reservations. 
  • Also attach a copy of Azerbaijan ticket with the application form.

You need to pay the Azerbaijan e visa fee in advance. The fee is around $20 to $30. The visa fee depends on different factors that you need to check with your travel agency. The visa fee is non-refundable. Evisa fee isn’t going to be returned even if your request gets denied. If you were thinking about how to get a visa for Azerbaijan then we would suggest you take the online route. This is because it is easier, cheaper and faster than the typical one. But please note that the Azerbaijan e visa is for only tourism and is for single entry visits. You cannot extend this visa and the term you are allowed to stay on is 30 days.

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