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BAPE Sweater vs BAPE Hoodie: Which is Better?

by Steven Brown
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BAPE Sweater and BAPE Hoodie are two popular items from Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape®. Both are known to be highly coveted and collectible, but which one wins as the best item? Which one should you invest in? We’ll help you find out!

The Differences Between a Bape Jacket and a Bape Shark Hoodie

Sweaters and hoodies, both have their advantages. If you’re looking for warmth, a heavy sweater will be better for you. However, if you need something that’s more casual like for class or to wear out with friends on a Saturday night, an oversized hoodie might be what you’re looking for. But which one do you choose? We’ll break down the difference between a bape jacket and a bape hoodie so it’s easier to figure out which one will work best for your needs!

The Fashion Element

The limited-edition, authentic Bape Jacket and A Bathing Ape Shirts are always a hot commodity in the fashion world, especially when it comes to the cool kids like Kanye West and Pharrell. The sweaters are usually lighter in weight with a thinner fabric on the front and back, whereas a hoodie is typically thicker with more insulation. Fashionistas recommend wearing a hoodie with shorts or jeans for an athleisure look. The sweaters typically have more of an expensive feel to them because of their sleekness, so they’re not as appropriate for casual wear. Plus, the sweater’s fitted design may be too constricting if you plan on exercising in one. Both types of apparel are very versatile and can be worn throughout most seasons.

Pricing Differences

The prices for a Bape Hoodie range from $30-$250 depending on the item. The prices for a Bathing Ape® Store are less than what you would find in stores. The price of a hoodie ranges from $50-$150 while the price of a sweater ranges from $100-$400. They both have their pros and cons, but if you’re looking for something inexpensive then the sweater is your best bet!

Consider Your Body Type

If you’re looking for a new sweater or hoodie, you might be wondering if a Bape shirt is the best option. Though the two clothing options are quite similar, there are some key differences to consider. First, sweaters tend to be baggier and heavier than hoodies. They also won’t hug your body as much as a hoodie. If you want something to wear over your clothes, go with the sweater. However, if you’re going for that snug feeling or want something that will keep you warm in the winter months, then go with a hoodie instead!

How to Wear Each

A Bathing Ape® Shirts – For a casual look, wear a plain black or white BAPE shirt with jeans and sneakers. 

Bape Shirts – The best way to wear these shirts are layered with other shirts. Wearing a plain white tee under the Bape shirt will give it more of a vintage feel while wearing an open button-down under the Bape shirt gives it more of a grunge look. 

Wear your favorite A Bathing Ape hoodies to keep warm during the colder months and layer over your favorite tees, sweaters, or jackets when there’s no need for heavy layers.

Size Guide for BAPE Hoodie

If you’re looking to grab a BAPE hoodie, then you have come to the right place! There are many different styles of jackets for both men and women. We offer hoodies in various sizes from S-4XL, so we’re sure that you’ll find one that fits you. The most popular style of our men’s hoodies is the shark hoodie which comes in navy blue with a white shark on the front chest area. Another popular style of our women’s hoodies is the liberty print which features an American flag pattern all around it. 

The size chart below will help show what size will fit you best based on your height, weight, and gender.

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