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Custom diamond engagement rings buying tips

by Steven Brown

Diamond! These brilliant and dazzling diamonds add a special touch to every occasion and situation. Understandably, many jewellers want to make memorable occasions with a diamond, especially a diamond ring, memorable. These exquisite stone-studded rings make a wonderful gift. There’s no comparison to diamonds, whether you’re giving one to a loved one, buying one for your engagement, or treating yourself to a little sparkle. What’s wrong with diamond jewellery in general and diamond rings in particular?

And whatever your reason for buying custom diamond engagement rings, you have to find the right one.  How can you stop being taken advantage of when you invest a lot of money in something priceless? For this reason, choosing a diamond ring should be done with the same care as choosing a life partner. Here we give you a concise way to buy a diamond ring without enjoying it. Make up your mind after reading this article.

Custom diamond engagement rings buying guide:

Select diamond shape

The design of your ring is based on the size of your custom diamond engagement ring. It depends on your preference (or that of your partner) if one way is better than the other. The most common and fabulous diamond shape for engagement rings is the round brilliant. There are different shapes of diamond like emerald, round, oval, pear and round. You can get them customized as you want.

Others want a more specific look, like an oval or cushion cut. If unsure, ask your partner’s family and friends about their choice.

It is essential to choose the pattern first, as this will determine the desired parameters of cut quality, colour, and clarity. To narrow your search and compare diamonds, choose a cut.

Select carat weight

The Carat of a diamond impacts its value, so you must know what you are looking for. Does your future partner expect a diamond of one or two carats? Looking for a stone that stands out but isn’t flashy? Since there is no “ideal” carat weight for a diamond, this decision-making step is entirely up to your particular preferences. Choose the carat weight range you want to consider, such as a diamond weighing between 0.95 and 1.08 carats. Costs increase in direct proportion to carat weight.

The carat weight of a diamond affects its cut (as does its cut and cut quality). To help you make an informed purchase, additional information on common carat weights and diamond sizes can be found in our average diamond size guide.

Pay attention to the quality of the diamond cut

The cut quality of custom diamond engagement rings has the greatest impact on their appeal. In general, we only recommend Excellent (if the diamond has a GIA certificate) and Ideal (if AGS-graded) cut diamonds because cut grades are not the same at all retailers.

With the resources provided by trusted online diamond sellers, you can focus your search on these cut qualities. For example, when purchasing round diamonds from a trusted website, you should only select Ideal and Aster Ideal diamonds.

Select the appropriate diamond colour shade range

When it comes to colour, the goal is to choose a diamond that appears white. However, contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to spend money on a D or E diamond to get a colourless stone. Generally speaking, diamonds in the G to I colour range are colourless to the naked eye, but they are much cheaper.

It is important to note that different cuts reflect colour differently, so balancing diamond beauty and price in choosing the best colour for a diamond will largely depend on the cut you choose.

Choose the degree of clarity

If you want a clear diamond, you need to find a diamond that is visually transparent, which means there are no flaws or inclusions visible to the naked eye. Depending on the cut, you can usually find a clean diamond in the VS1-VS2 range. There is no need to pay for FL/IF diamonds when you can buy lower-quality diamonds for much less.

With most jewellers, you can look closely at a diamond’s clarity. Examine the custom diamond engagement rings carefully if you see any flaws.

Take a look at comparable diamonds.

After determining your diamond’s specifications, evaluate comparable stones to decide which diamond to buy. You have to think about things like the brilliance of the diamond, the cleanliness of the eyes, and the price compared to other diamonds of similar quality.

Although much lower than 4C, other properties such as fluorescence, polish, and symmetry affect a diamond’s value and appearance. See the separate articles on Fluorescence, Polishing, and Symmetry for more information on these three elements.

Verify that grading institutions or professional labs have graded and graded the diamond for certification. These organizations are responsible for assigning each diamond its unique cut quality, clarity, and colour (as well as many others).

While some custom diamond engagement ring grading labs are very accurate and reliable, others have questionable and far less reliable standards. When looking for loose diamonds, you should only consider GIA-certified diamonds and AGS-certified diamonds.


This article is a buying guide for custom diamond engagement rings. Make sure that you find a trusted seller for the diamond. Always choose a licensed store. They will also help you get the best design for your engagement ring.

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