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Did you write a few lyrics-2

by Steven Brown

Shine your texts

In the previous article, we discussed how a songwriter can write music for their lyrics, now let’s move on and consider a situation where you are strictly the author of the lyrics. To transmit the lyrics of a song, the writer of the lyrics must find a musician who is willing to collaborate and write music for the songs on hand. But first you have to make the lyrics attractive to musicians and songwriters. Therefore, there are two things that a songwriter should pay attention to in their lyrics.

The lyrics must be “worth singing.”

As a songwriter, you would know how to write good l A to Z lyrics. However, one important tip is STRUCTURE. Your lyrics are not interesting to musicians and songwriters, unless they have a clear structure and form, which means you have to have a layered chorus and a verse with a certain rhyme and inner rhythm to the words. Remember this is not poetry.

There are no typos

If there is a spelling mistake in your lyrics, it will simply send a clear message that you are unprofessional and careless Pay attention to your spelling!

No strange words

Cutting out the lyrics just because you’re too lazy to write the full word is very annoying to anyone who reads the lyrics. Known things like “want”, “want” and “not” are appropriate, especially if it keeps the rhyme or rhythm.  It’s “aint” (without apostrophe), for example, what’s not right.

It has a powerful title

The lyrical title plays a huge role in making musicians want to write music for your lyrics. If the title is strong, interesting, and has some (but little !!) meaning, it can easily entice songwriters to read your lyrics enthusiastically and openly. On the other hand, a clumsy title that says it all about this song will probably drive away all your lyrics.

When you are sure that your lyrics are properly dressed and ready to go out into the world :), start showing it to musicians who you think might be interested in working with you. However, we need to answer the question of where to publish our lyrics and how to popularize ourselves among other songwriters. Learn more about the online songwriting course “So You Wrote Some Lyrics”.

Lyrics are not available for download.TXT.

Most plugins just download the lyrics and put them in ID3 tags. You can only view them on iTunes or any other program that supports lyrics. This feature is supported by Mooi Quae Software’s MP3 Importer.

The Free Lyric MP3 Add-on is absolutely free to use and constantly evolving. There is one downside to this. Some lyrics are not available. This only happens with remixes by artists and shouldn’t be a big deal. Are you just a lover of music and lyrics like me? Then this software is really something you should try. It’s free, works fast, and is fully automated.

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