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Do Technical Writing Services Write White Papers?

by Steven Brown
Do Technical Writing Services Write White Papers?

The time has come for you to collect and organize the wealth of expertise you’ve amassed in your field. White papers can be the ideal format for this kind of work. It’s a great promotional item that can help your business stand out as an industry leader.

But you may be wondering how you might put your insights into a white paper. The white paper is like an in-depth business report in certain ways but vastly different in others. It’s important to recognize the distinction and include vital components into a well-written white paper.

Just what does it mean when someone says “white paper”?

White papers are academic works that aim to provide comprehensive information on a certain subject. It synthesizes professional judgment with evidence-based research to provide a case for an advised course of action.

The information in the white paper may help the reader make a choice or get insight into a situation. Business white papers tend to be lengthy and focused on providing information. Since they include so much information and analysis, white papers are detailed and serious.

Benefit and value

In most cases, white papers are created for readers who aren’t already familiar with the company. Thus, they serve as a tool to bring in new customers by providing authoritative information in the field. White papers are written by technical writing services not just to document internal knowledge but also as a means of promotion. A white paper, however, is not an advertisement. Instead of directly competing for new business, it promotes the firm by emphasizing in-house knowledge and useful suggestions.

Selecting a Topic for Your White Paper

If you want people to really read your white paper, you need to give some thought to the subject you choose. The three most important ones are:


Consider your readership as the starting point for all business writing. The white paper has to be created for a specific audience. Those listening might be seasoned veterans of the sector or complete novices.

The Hypothesis

Think on the problems or queries that the reader has. Find areas within these parameters that have not received enough attention or where the current data is out of date.


A white paper is a great way to show off your company’s knowledge and experience. Both primary and secondary sources, as well as expert opinion, should be included into the text to give a thorough analysis. The selection of topics and methodology for compiling them are informed by the company’s in-house expertise.

Focused on both the problem and its potential resolution

White papers should zero in on a specific issue and provide solutions. The issue you choose should be current and important in your profession. It’s possible that the report may address concerns like standard problems, emerging tendencies, evolving methods, a comparison of the market, etc. If the white paper is going to be read, it has to offer some kind of remedy or advice for the issue mentioned. This approach was arrived at after careful consideration of the issue and available options.

Creating a White Paper

  • Research
  • It is essential to do exhaustive study on the subject at hand. Search for relevant data in internal files, company databases, and other web resources. As white papers are focused on facts, their claims need to be backed up by substantial study.
  • There is no universal rule for citing sources, but you should always give credit where credit is due. Remember, however, that the more sources you mention, the more probable it is that your reader will trust you. Naturally, you should only use reputable sources. All research materials used in the creation of a useful paper must be obtained from reputable and trustworthy sources.
  • Explore supplementary white papers written by other authors on supporting or similar topics.
  • Is there already a white paper that addresses your field of research? Examine them to find out where your knowledge is lacking and where you might expand upon it. Your white paper will be more thorough and in-depth after going through this evaluation.
  • Take use of a mental map.
  • The mind-map is an effective method of planning. Keeping track of all the information you’ll need to complete a white paper is a daunting task. With a mind-map, the author may organize and visualize all of the disparate parts.
  • Publish in a white paper (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_paper) format
  • There is a common template that white papers use. While the report’s structure seems to be identical to that of other business documents, there is one crucial difference: the conclusion.

The conclusion of a white paper is often last

Technical reports and proposals are two common types of business writing in which the essential conclusion is presented first. This arrangement takes into account the needs and preferences of the reader. White papers are lengthy documents that include informative material and research that deepens the reader’s grasp of the issue at hand.

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