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Dog Training in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

by Steven Brown
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Bangkok is one of the best cities in Thailand for dog lovers, with parks and green spaces galore. It also has a great selection of dog-friendly restaurants and bars!

There are several top-rated training centers in Bangkok that specialize in communication and behavior modification. These centers will help you understand your dog better and teach him good behavior.

Zoeta Dogsoul

One of the most popular dog training schools in Bangkok, Zoeta Dogsoul offers training that will create a happier relationship between dogs and their owners. They offer a variety of different classes, including advanced obedience training and therapy training for dogs who have special needs. Their trainer Sebastian is an expert in dog behavior and will help you understand your pup better so that they can be a happy and healthy part of your family. They also offer dog boarding Bangkok to keep oyour pet safe and comfortable while you are away from them. and alsp know how important a dog is to their owner, and they do everything possible to make sure that they are cared for properly when you are away. They also offer dog training Chiang Mai to help more people across the country improve their relationships with their pets.

Camp K-9

Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety and Camp K-9 offers your dog the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. This helps alleviate separation issues and makes your dog less anxious when you drop them off.

Your dog will also benefit from the training that they receive at Camp K-9. This can help with obedience, house manners, and socialization skills.

While choosing a place to send your dog, you’ll want to make sure that they use positive, force-free, and fear-free training methods. Facilities that use aversive, punishment-based training methods can be harmful to your dog.

It’s also important to consider how many staff members are at the facility. This will determine how much attention your dog will get and how well she is cared for.

Trail and Tail

Trail and Tail is the latest addition to Bangkok’s pet-friendly scene. This 6,400 square metre venue is a one-stop shop for pet lovers and includes indoor and outdoor dog parks, a pet hotel with round the clock caretakers, and a pet-friendly cafe among many other features.

The best part about Trail and Tail is that they aren’t just for people who love their dogs; this community mall was built for city folk too, who have grown weary of the lack of green spaces in Sukhumvit. Founded by Chana “Mint” Hetrakul, executive director of Tre 3 Sanctuary, this venue offers the best of both worlds for owners and their four-legged friends alike.

Trail and Tail boasts a number of top-notch facilities, including a salt water swimming pool that’s nearly human-sized and a dog hotel. Moreover, they have a premium pet shop and the world’s first veterinarian-supervised pet clinic. Lastly, they also have the first-ever ‘indoor’ dog park.

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