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How to Draw a Porcupine 

by Steven Brown

Draw a porcupine in just 6 easy steps! Some animals look cute, and others examine threatening in a manner that you should not bother them. While most creatures will have one of these characteristics, the porcupine has the special recognition of keeping both. It looks cute with its short front and claws, but you won’t enjoy feeling one, gratitude to the multitude of sharp points on its rear. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

How to draw a porcupine – let’s contact formed!

Stage 1

Before we draw the group of quills on the rear, we’ll form with the director and front portions in this direction on how to remove a porcupine. You can draw tiny front portions directly behind the waterway with tiny nails at the ends. Ultimately, the fire spread, and baritone lines grouped on the tip-top. These will be the foremost quills of the porcupine, and in the subsequent phases, we will continue to add more quills and elements.

Step 2: Currently remove more additional of the rear and stomach.

As we noted in the before part of your porcupine plan, you will count more quills to the rear to slowly construct it up. Once you’ve removed this final passage of quills, we’ll remove the porcupine’s stomach. You can draw that hairy stomach by removing rough stripes after the front portions. Next, draw the first of the crouching posterior portions before qualifying for stage 3 of the directory.

Step 3: Remove the Following Feather Passages

This third stage of our focus on attracting a porcupine will visit you and count additional quills to the body. The next step will need tolerance, so you have the strength to enjoy and grab a cup of tea! We’ll add a mass of spikes to the side of the body, and these will be drawn with a combination of the sharp lines you drew on top and the wavy lines.

Step 4: Following, remove more different body feathers.

You’re starting to draw those feathers! In this fourth part of your porcupine drawing, we’ll add another section of prickly quills on top of the previous section you drew. We will deal with this last point and the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:Count the Last Points to Your Porcupine Sketch

This fifth step of our guide on drawing a porcupine will see you adding the details and finishing touches to complete it before the final step. As mentioned in the previous step, this will primarily involve filling the empty area above the other feathers. Fill in this spot exactly as you have in the rest of the drawing, and your porcupine is ready for some color.

Step 6: Complete your porcupine sketching with color.

Now you’re ready to finish off this porcupine drawing with some color! We chose a realistic color palette for our sample image, mainly using browns with white streaks on the feathers.

If you want to get a similar look, you can try using watercolor paints because you will be able to paint over the drawn lines and still see them.

Five portions of knowledge to complete your porcupine sketch are even better-suitable!

These suggestions for your porcupine sketch will help you make it even better! This drawing of a porcupine was such a fun challenge, and now that you’ve completed it, you can add even more porcupines to the picture. You can add one, two, or even more porcupines to the picture to ensure this one has many friends! You must follow the guide again and maybe change a few minor details.

Your porcupine illustration is finished!

That conveys us to the end of this direction on removing a porcupine! It was a deceptively challenging expression as there were so multiple little compartments to pull convincingly.As long as you observe the actions and remove them province by province, you should have no concerns about removing all those tiny pieces! Then you can relax and have fun devouring it with more components, features, and color votes! When you’re willing to create a new graphic, you can head to our website to take advantage of our vast library of drawing guides. We often upload new guides, so keep checking back for more!

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