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Drive With Confidence – Exploring Carshield & Its Additional Benefits

by Umar Hassan

A car is an extremely large investment that is meant to be protected. Incurring unexpected repair costs is a weight that no person should carry. To avoid these surprising monetary costs and added stress, Carshield offers the perfect solution – extended auto warranties.

Repair costs are generally pricey, but with Carshield’s auto warranty, there is no concrete reason for costs to be paid out of pocket. In this article, we will be explaining what Carshield is, elaborating on its coverages and services, as well as its pricing plans and benefits.

What Is CarShield?

Operating since 2005, Carshield has been a market leader in the extended auto warranty industry and provides vehicle service contracts (VSC) for new and high-mileage vehicles. They offer seven thorough protection plans for cars, motorcycles, and ATVs alike.

Serving over 2 million customers since its inception, Carshield is devoted to providing its customers with the best experience along with the highest quality coverage solutions. Furthermore, multiple extra benefits are available with each VSC purchased.

Benefits of CarShield Auto Warranty

Purchasing an auto warranty from Carshield offers a multitude of benefits, making it a viable choice for vehicle owners looking for extended coverage. Besides the fact that they provide extensive coverage for different types of vehicles, in addition to the repair of costly components stated in the different plans, Carshield’s value extends beyond its coverage plans.

Firstly, Carshield offers courtesy towing whenever a vehicle breaks down, sparing the burden of a surprise breakdown while being abandoned. Secondly, they provide cost-effective methods through affordable coverage plans, low to non-existent deductibles, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, claims can be filed anywhere and anytime through online methods and are paid directly to the repair provider. In addition, Carshield’s auto warranty allows any ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certified repair shop to handle vehicles with care and professionalism.

Lastly, 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and rental cars are all provided by Carshield, solidifying its claim that its customer service is second to none.

Take a look at this detailed review of Carshield, expanding on its services, plans, pricing, and more, providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of Carshield.

Coverage & Services

Carshield’s plans offer different levels of protection for vehicles, with the option of renewing on a monthly basis or for a desired contract period. Like many other companies, Carshield does not make its prices direct, as extended auto warranty prices are based on changing factors such as mileage, age, overall condition, and repair history. Therefore, each plan is vehicle-specific, ensuring customization and differentiation.

Diamond: Carshield’s most inclusive coverage plan and is often referred to as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. The greatest number of parts and components are covered by the Diamond Plan, ranging from engine and transmission failures to starter problems and fuel pump breakdowns. This plan excludes several components, which are detailed in the contract under the exclusion section.

Platinum: The best option for cars with higher mileage, the platinum plan provides coverage for the engine, transmission, AC, electrical system, starter, water pump, fuel pump, and so much more. Exclusions are also outlined in the contract and include a variety of components such as brake pads, rubber hoses, wiper blades, air filters, and more.

Gold: This plan is optimal for vehicles with over 100,000 miles. It covers the significant components of a vehicle that would be subject to wear and tear due to the high mileage and long history of the vehicle. Exclusions do apply and are outlined in more detail in the contract.

Silver: This plan is Carshield’s most basic and affordable plan and mainly provides coverage for a vehicle’s powertrain. The engine, transmission, drive axle, and transfer case are the components that are included. These components are key to making a vehicle move and are arguably the most important components that need coverage.

Aluminum: Proving coverage for all electrical and computer components of a vehicle, the Aluminum plan provides protection for relatively newer and luxury vehicles. This plan is generally needed by vehicle owners who require protection for their high-tech elements.

Motorcycle & ATV: Specifically created for motorcycles and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles),

this plan ensures coverage for the primary components of each vehicle stated under this plan. Coverage includes the engine, driver axle, transmission, brake system, and so much more.

Electric vehicle coverage:  While other plans provide coverage for other types of vehicles, this plan provides coverage for fully electric vehicles. Two plans are included in EV coverage: one that services the electric drive unit and one that services the electric drive unit, electrical system, and battery pack.

It is important to note that this plan does not include hybrid vehicles, as Carshield does not explicitly state that its coverage plans are compatible with them.

To really grasp the intricacies of each plan and understand the exclusions for each one, take a look at the different sample contracts provided by Carshield.


In summary, Carshield provides its customers with peace of mind, knowing that their repair costs are covered, and their investment is protected. With a wide array of coverage plans, each one is vehicle-specific and caters to the different needs and budgetary requirements of customers.

24/7 roadside assistance, rental car coverage, alternative transportation, low to non-existent deductibles, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are only some of the benefits of Carshield that prove its commitment to exceptional customer service.

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