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10 Top Best and Effective Lead Generation Strategies You Should Know

by naji
10 Top Best and Effective Lead Generation Strategies You Should Know

Do you run a business or work as a marketer? Creating and nurturing quality leads will grow your business faster than you can imagine.

Many people are there and don’t know whether your business or brand exists. How you reach out to them and convince them to consider your products or services determines your success.

Today, billions of people are active on social media platforms. Even if some aren’t on such platforms, they can access the internet. You need to develop new ways you can use to take your business information to them and capture their interest in your brand.

Read the tips below and master how to build successful leads to grow your business.

Most Effective Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Your Business

Blend Interactive Content with Gamification

You can generate leads faster by adding gaming elements to your strategies. People are social beings and like competing to win.

For example, you can add a game to your website. And then make an email sign-up as a requirement to participate. You could insert a wheel of fortune on your site or make site users take a fun test.

But ensure the test matches your products and services.

Do you have a landing page? You may choose to include gaming mechanisms there. Then, place a lead generation form after site visitors have played the game instead of placing your premium content behind a gate. Doing that increases the chance of your site visitors leaving contact details.

You can use lead magnets like eBooks and newsletters after getting their details.

Use of Video Marketing

Do you use videos in your campaigns? You could be missing a lot if you’re not doing it. Video marketing is among the best tools to generate qualified leads.

Look at YouTube services as an example. It’s not only a video platform but also a search engine. YouTube enjoys more than 122 million active users each day.

On average, active YouTube users watch for about 16 minutes and 44 seconds of videos daily. You have a higher chance of converting those viewers into your leads.

Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your content. Adding a link or call to action to your video directing your audience to visit your business website also increases the list of qualified leads.

For sure, video content is key in changing viewers into potential buyers. But you need to pay attention to the quality of your video. You can use a video editor to edit your videos more professionally, and you can add music and sound effects to help increase the persuasive power of your videos. Use solid hooks and storytelling to get people interested in watching your video; without a strong hook, viewers may not stick around for very long.

Use Email Marketing and Nurture New Contacts

Many people say emails are losing their value. But that isn’t the case. Email marketing remains one of the best and most effective ways to generate leads.

For example, you can offer free downloads for an email address. Then, you can send a welcome email and begin nurturing your new subscriber with a drip campaign showing the value of what you offer.

However, you should go slowly. When you do that, eventually, such an email subscriber can become a quality lead.

Engage Your Website Visitors with Live Chat

Kissmetrics survey shows that more than 63% of site visitors return to a website offering live chat. You can generate qualified leads through live chats on your website.

Many people visiting your website ask questions before buying. So, use live chats and make them feel like they are engaging with a person, not a robot.

Then, you can easily connect those visitors with your business and capture their interests.

Take advantage of chatbots to collect leads. Ensure the chat widget pops up at the most impactful time.

You can use online tools to collect contact data from visitors. From there, you may let your salesperson follow up with the new contact to engage them and convert them into leads.

Use Ads to Retarget Your Website Visitors

Most of your new website visitors won’t become leads right away. But you can take an extra step to make them consider your brand through retargeting.

Retargeting involves showing ads to those who visited your website in the past. Through retargeting ads, your visitors get a chance to engage with your products or service content.

General and retargeting ads have proven to generate quality leads. However, retargeting ads enjoy higher click-through-rates. Make your retargeting video ads attractive and engaging in the video editing process.

Get a quality video editor to polish your video ads and align them with your brand. That way, you will make your retargeted audience watch the ads.

Pay Attention to SEO

Making your website easier to find by search engines is an effective way to generate leads. Good SEO practices propel your site to higher levels of visibility.

Many internet users click websites that appear top of SERPs. The more visible your site is, the more visitors you get, which increases your chances of getting quality leads.

If you use videos on your site, don’t forget to optimize them. You can give your video a good title and description and include keywords in your description for better ranking. 

Remember, many site visitors trust brands that rank better. That’s why you should ensure your site appears top to attract traffic and generate leads.

Use Social Media and Warm-up Leads

You can reach a greater audience through social media and attract them to your products and services. Publish content on social platforms, directing traffic to your business website.

That can be an effective way to generate qualified leads.

Post videos on your social media. Videos gather attention faster. If you don’t know how to create attention-capturing videos, go to the internet and learn more. You can add trendy music and effects, for example, in the video editing process. 

Posting valuable, engaging, and entertaining videos make your audience interested in your products or services.

Launch Paid Media Campaigns

Do you want a faster and more effective lead-generation strategy? Sponsored updates on LinkedIn and pay-per-click on Google and Facebook ads are perfect for generating leads.

You can also get social media influencers and let them lead your campaigns.

If you intend to use paid media, ensure you fix the technical aspect of your website. Things like broken links can make you lose even qualified leads. Ensure your videos or images load faster to offer a better user experience.

Before posting, take time on video editing to ensure your content meets the required standard.

Develop a Referral Program

Do you have a loyal customer? They could be your great source of qualified leads. Customers who like your products or services will recommend them to their families, friends, and relatives.

But you shouldn’t wait for your customers to recommend your brand. Begin rewarding them for the new leads they bring.

Giving discounts to your buyers to refer other people to your site and share your brand information will generate new leads faster.

Provide Free Webinars

Many markers using webinars say the platform is effective in generating quality leads. A webinar allows you to offer specific information about your brand in exchange for audiences’ attention and contact data.

Through the webinar, you understand topics your potential buyers want. You will also get to contact your audience in the future and nurture them as your leads.

Summing It Up

Every business requires quality leads to grow. You can use the tips above to reach those who don’t know your products or services and make them develop an interest in your brand.

Video content is among the key to capturing and nurturing your new leads, so post quality videos on your website and on social media by following the tips discussed starting today!

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