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Everything you should know about the Dubai Museum

by Steven Brown
Dubai Museum

A trip to the Dubai Museum should be at the top of your list if you’re serious about learning more about the history and culture of Dubai. The museum features historical artifacts that depict the tribesmen of Dubai in their daily lives. In contrast to the contemporary city we see today, you have the chance to learn about Dubai’s rich cultural history here. A trip to the museum gives the impression that societal and economic growth are ongoing processes.

A Guide For Museum In Dubai

One of the city’s most well-liked attractions is the Dubai Museum, which is situated in Bur Dubai’s busy area. It offers a rare look at the emirate’s bygone era and the various stages of Dubai’s transformation. Intricate dioramas illustrating the daily lives of people in Dubai at that time can be present throughout the museum. Every tourist should visit the Dubai Museum because the admission prices are so reasonable.

Summary Of The Dubai Museum’s History

The Al Fahidi Fort, where the Dubai Museum is present, once housed a powerful monarch until 1896. It was utilized as a prison, garrison, and weapons warehouse and as a site of defense. The Fort served as a fortress for the royalty that dominated these areas at the time. The late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum renovated the Al Fahidi Fort in 1971 to serve as an iconic museum preserving the historical past of the Arabs.

Why Visit The Museum In Dubai?

At the Dubai, Museum is a diorama of an old Arab riding a camel.

Visit the old Dubai Museum to get a peek at ancient Arab life in Dubai.

A trip to the museum provides insight into Dubai’s history, both before and after the oil boom. The Dubai Museum’s displays tell great detail about how the city developed over time based on a deeply ingrained civilization. The museum is home to authentic antiquities such as ceramics, weapons, and graves. Additionally, you can explore other wings that capture the feel of old-fashioned markets and houses.

Dubai Museum Highlights And Exhibits

The Al Fahidi fort, which houses the Museum, is an artefact in and of itself because it has maintained its standing across time. The museum features many exhibits and dioramas, including ceramics, animal figures, the historical activity of pearl diving, stores from the early 1950s, some artifacts dating back to 3000 BC, and much more. Here is a list of the museum’s most well-liked exhibits and dioramas.

Wing of Monuments

The Dubai Museum displays weapons and items from bygone eras.

Different exhibits including antique weaponry, tombs, urban settlements, and ceramics are present in the monuments wing. Here, you will discover historical accounts of how people in Dubai fought, survived, and went about their daily lives in the desert. The ceramic collection comprises a variety of hand-made cooking equipment, food storage containers, and food preservation tools. Even the objects that people use to transport food and commodities are still visible.

The Wing of Dubai features many exhibits showing daily life in Dubai in the past. The presentations and artifacts in this area are ideal for seeing Dubai’s history as well as the effort it took for it to become one of the world’s most modern cities.

The Markets in 1950

There is no doubt that Dubai has some of the top shopping malls in the world, but have you ever thought about what it was like to shop in the early 1950s? A complete market wing of the Museum features life-size representations of shops and craftspeople in a historic market in Bur Dubai. Just one step into this gallery will transport you to the 1950s, when you may observe the buyers and sellers of goods at various stores.

Customary House and Masjid

The Dubai Museum displays a typical Dubai residence. The Museum’s displays of traditional residences and masjids have so much to offer. Old houses and wind towers in this collection show how Dubai’s architecture and structures have changed over time.

The Sea Exhibit, the Desert at Night, and the Oasis Wing

The Dubai Museum’s Water exhibit illustrates how Dubai’s economy has benefited from the sea and its natural resources. The pearl fishing and diving industries have influenced contemporary Dubai’s development.

 The old port of Dubai served as a crucial commerce route in various displays. The Sea Wing exhibits the techniques employed by local craftsmen and fishermen in shipbuilding.

A model of fishermen from the past working at the port of Dubai

The Oasis Wing and the Desert At Night, both of which contain displays showing desert life, are lifelike dioramas in the Dubai Museum that show the life of an ancient port. You can also catch a glimpse of Dubai’s fauna here.

Cultural Wing

The Folklore Wing is the next exhibit in our study of the Museum. This section provides a look at historical artefacts connected to ancient folklore and other notable objects.

Old Dubai Fortification Wing

A great variety of prehistoric weapons, including curved daggers, swords, spears, bows and arrows, sharkskin shields, pistols, and axes that people use to defend the city and the caravans of the traders from thieves, are on exhibit in the old Dubai fortress wing.

Wrapping up

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