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Eyebrow Threading Courses: Different Methods for Eyebrow

by Steven Brown


When it comes to women’s beauty, the standards, techniques, and products are constantly changing. However, one thing that has remained constant over time is taking care of the eyebrows. Whether you’re going for a simple no make-up look or you are planning on dressing to the nines, a perfectly shaped eyebrow is always a must. Eyebrows can single-handedly change your facial impression and expression. How do you ensure your eyebrows always look their best? Ceecees Beauty and Training listed out some things you need to understand and keep in mind before you get into it:

• Adjusting the eyebrows to suit the face

• Managing the width of the eyebrows to suit different personalities

• The correct usage of different tools to trim and thread eyebrows. This also includes usage of powder or pencil to increase the length and width of eyebrows.

There are various methods used to style eyebrows, including waxing and trimming. However, one of the most popular eyebrow shaping techniques is threading. It is a tried and tested method that is precise in shaping up a clean arch for the brows. Whether you want to remove a line of hair in an area in one single stroke or pluck out individual hairs, threading can be a very efficient technique. Though threading can be quite painful, if done correctly, it doesn’t cause any long-lasting irritation or pain. It also avoids the dangers of skin sagging or skin ripping that comes with waxing. There are none of the hassles that come with dealing with wax. It is an especially good option for those with sensitive skin.

How Does Threading Work?

Compared to other hair removal techniques, threading is a relatively simpler process. Generally, the tools required for threading are:

• 100% cotton thread Cleanser, such as witch hazel

• Cotton pads

• A calming solution, for aftercare

• Headband

cotton Eyebrow threading thread is knotted to form a trap. This trap is then moved in quick strokes using a backward and forward movement, causing the thread to trap the hairs on the skin and pull them out from the roots. The amount of hair removed can be controlled depending on each person’s specific needs. It is recommended to change the thread frequently so that it doesn’t fray. Once the hairs are removed, a calming solution is applied over the area to soothe the irritated skin. The eyebrows are a very delicate feature of our face. They can make or break the way your face looks. One small mistake and the entire situation can go for a toss. So, it is very crucial that the person in charge of the threading procedure be well-trained in the matter.

There are various places around South Yarra and Melbourne that offer comprehensive eyebrow threading courses. If you’re looking for someplace where you can learn everything to do with eyebrows, Ceecees Beauty and Training is one such place. You can call them at 0437 376 969 or email them at [email protected] to learn more.

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