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HomeGoods has a reputation for being a treasure trove for deals, but it’s now quicker and simpler than ever to find what you need.

The store where you might spend hours perusing cheap home accessories now has an online store where you can shop its amazing discounts and vast selection of home furnishings and have items delivered to your home.

Online brand

Although HomeGoods has long served as the company’s web headquarters, it hasn’t actually sold any goods until recently.

The home furnishings and accessories selection on the updated e-commerce platform, which went live in September 2021, is comparable to those of brick-and-mortar stores.

Among other times when new products are published on home goods discount, the winter holidays are anticipated to see the debut of a seasonal variety of gifts and holiday decorations.


The best part is that the brand’s signature low pricing (20–60% off) from department shops is now available on its website. If you’re unhappy with your online purchase, you may send it back or bring it to one of the store’s 800+ locations around the nation.

HomeGoods president John Ricciuti said in a news release that the company was “happy to introduce a second path for our loyal consumers to explore and buy an assortment they know and appreciate.”

We like to believe that customers find visiting the HomeGoods online to be just as fascinating as browsing the aisles of our stores.


There’s a lot to be said for the convenience of being able to order the products you know you want online and have them delivered to your door, even though it’s challenging to replicate the tranquil experience of browsing the aisles of your local home goods store online in search of that ideal home accessory.


Home goods online store openings correspond with this trend as worries about health and safety have made online shopping more tempting than ever.

HomeGoods has solely offered in-store purchasing since its establishment in 1992; during the nationwide closures in the spring of 2020, customers were unable to access the store’s inventory.

When stores reopened in the summer and fall, HomeGoods reported a 15% increase in sales over the same period the previous year.


Customers who want to browse in person can still do so by visiting one of their convenient brick-and-mortar shops even if the online store is now up for business. Visit the official website of the brand in question to learn more about their local store hours.


Finally! household things online, which could be expensive. In 2021, HomeGoods will finally launch its internet store.
You no longer have to go to HomeGoods when you don’t want to after years of doing so.


In time for the holidays, which are just around the corner. We love returning to the home products online store because of the cosy atmosphere that candles and throw blankets generate.

No matter if you need a fall candle or a holiday cushion, HomeGoods is now just a few clicks away. News of HomeGoods’ online store broke down in late 2020.

Periodically, new products are added to the bedding, bathroom, decorative pillows, kitchen, pet, and storage/organization categories.


We’re thrilled to give customers another way to browse our inventory, said HomeGoods president John Ricciuti. We consider HomeGoods’ online shopping to be just as fun as exploring our physical stores.


TJX Digital U.S. President Mark DeOliveira is eager to increase HomeGoods’ digital footprint. The ability for customers to mix in-store and online purchases made through home products will enhance our retail spaces.

HomeGoods will add Christmas decorations and gifts to its online store. One features a Halloween pumpkin garland.


To avoid competing for the same brass armadillo tape dispenser, shop for home items during the workweek. Interior decorator and HomeGoods style expert Jenny Reimold advises going shopping the day after a delivery and when the store first opens.


Reimold prefers to go shopping the next day so that staff members have time to unload trucks and restock shelves. Continues: “Each shop has different delivery policies. My preferred Nashville merchant unloads on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Make friends with the store manager to find out the delivery schedule so you may go shopping the next day.”


The shop has vast shelf stacks, and customers don’t always move from tallest to shortest. You can find hidden treasures if you look far enough in the past. Some of my best internet purchases for home products have come from the lowest shelves, so be careful to squat down and really search the lane.

“This strategy is particularly beneficial in the pillow department, where I peruse linen, cotton, fake fur, and suede cushions.”

The HOMEGOODS app offers ideas.

The HomeGoods app provides information about the store and inspiration but cannot be used to make purchases.
Gift cards and TJX rewards certificates can also be uploaded to the app.


You must take action quickly if you want anything from HomeGoods. Even if you’re unsure if that throw pillow will look good in your living room, buy it. If not, give it back.

YOU COULD still receive a sold item.

You’ll probably find a few recently purchased pieces of furniture when you enter. On weekends, people pick up couches and tables that they had put on hold during the week. In order for staff to seek for more in-store or nearby, look for the product number on the price tag. It’s a gamble because every shop receives different items.

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