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How do we use social media?

by Steven Brown

According to the latest Digital 2021 Ireland report, 2.9 million Irish people regularly and actively use social media. This represents 68.5% of the total population. This is 11% more than in 2020.

Experts predict that the advertising potential of social media will increase further in the coming years. This is not surprising, as the special nature of social media – constant contact with people – is changing traditional marketing. Social media inspire, shape needs, influence decisions (including buying decisions) and, most importantly, build relationships. It is well known that good relationships with customers are key to business success. Social media has reduced the distance between a brand and its target audience and made communication more accessible than ever.

Given the level of advancement of modern technology and the number of companies choosing to move some of their business online, it is not surprising that online marketing is becoming increasingly popular. It can also be used to build a brand.

 The concept of internet marketing is very broad. However, it is simplest to say that it includes any activity aimed at presenting a brand in a positive light, introducing or promoting a new product.

What methods are used in Internet marketing?

The very concept of Internet marketing is as broad as the variety of ways in which it can be used. The basis is search engine optimisation or SEO. Google advertising, content marketing, viral marketing or mailing lists are also used. Social media profiles also play an important role in interacting with the target audience. For the activity to be effective, it must be done correctly. Internet marketing offers great possibilities, but you need to know how to do it.

Internet marketing and branding

People often associate Internet marketing with product advertising, but its application is much broader. It can be used to reach target audiences, build relationships with customers and create a positive corporate image. Let’s look at the latter. Branding is the way a company selling fibre broadband or any other good or service is perceived by its partners or customers. It reflects the way the company is perceived in its environment and the emotions it arouses. Everyone wants the image to be the best possible. How can Internet marketing help you?

How can you build your company’s image with the help of marketing?

Atlantek Computers Ltd was built in the beginning ot he internet marketing era and we have to admit the first thing that creates a positive image on the internet is a good website. It should be clear, contain the most important information and the colour scheme and name should match the company’s visual identity. It is worth paying attention to the content of the “About us” section: it is the ideal place to mention your brand. More and more image-conscious companies are keeping a professional blog in their industry: by sharing reliable information, we can position ourselves as experts. In addition to the website, we also take care of your company’s image on social networks. The documents published here are usually in a freer form. This way you can interact with potential customers and gain their trust. This will not only influence a favourable perception, but also build relationships and customer loyalty.

Good online marketing includes SEO, which is equally important for your company’s image. It makes you more visible and therefore recognisable online. In general, we perceive better what we know and we have the possibility to get better feedback because the brand logo is present in different channels and search lists.

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