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How to Maintain Toilet Hygiene in Public Bathrooms?

by Steven Brown
How to Maintain Toilet Hygiene in Public Bathrooms

When it comes to public toilets, the options vary wildly. There are some that are pristine and regularly maintained while there are also those that are neglected and no one wants to go in unless they really have to. However, no matter its state, when you have to go, you have to go. With that in mind, you should at least keep some tips in mind that will help you stay safe. Take a look.

Avoid touching the door handles

For starters, regardless of why you have to enter the public bathroom, you want to avoid touching the doorknobs. Even if the toilet is cleaned frequently, you never know who touched that handle right before you. If possible, get a tissue out of your bag and use it when you have to make physical contact with any hardware or surface. Alternatively, use your elbows.

Don’t sit directly on the toilet seat

Something else you don’t want to be in direct contact with is the toilet seat. There is no way of knowing when it was last sterilized and who used it before you. Many individuals hover over the toilet seat, but this can lead to more splatter. If available, it’s better to use a seat cover as it acts like a net that can protect you to a certain degree. In case you have a product that will help you quickly sanitize the seat, you can use that as well. Experts say that putting toilet paper on the seat is actually making things worse and that you should generally not worry about catching an infection from the toilet seat.

Close the lid before you flush

Flushing with the lid up is actually a bigger cause of infections in public toilets. Therefore, you should put the lid down before you flush to prevent bacteria from spreading and flying up into the air. That way, you will be less exposed to various germs. Of course, as some public toilets don’t have a lid, this might not be possible, but that means that you have to pay special attention to the next steps.

Dispose of waste appropriately

In case you’re on your period, you have to remember not to try and flush the sanitary waste down the toilet. Most public toilets will have some sort of bin in the stall where you can properly dispose of your pads or tampons. On the other hand, if you’re using the toilet to change your baby’s diaper, look for the proper place to dispose of it. For example, if a public toilet comes with a changing table, they are sure to have a washroom nappy bin where you can throw away the dirty diaper and the tissues you’ve used.

Wash your hands with soap

Regardless of why you went into the public bathroom, you want to make sure you wash your hands with soap before leaving. Better toilets are equipped with soap dispensers that are full, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you use a tissue to open all doors, lock the stall, lift the lid, and so on, you are still in danger of catching some germs, especially if you can’t put down the lid before flushing. Moreover, there might be some lingering bacteria as well. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and face in general before you’ve washed your hands.

Dry your hands properly

Having washed your hands with soap is not enough. You also need to properly dry them, seeing as how wet hands create the perfect environment for germs to propagate. With that in mind, use what is available, whether it’s paper towels or hand dryers. There is still some debate about which option is more hygienic, but use whatever you have at your disposal to have dry hands.

Try to keep the floor and sink slab dry

Finally, if possible, do everything in your power to keep the floor and sink slab dry. In addition to creating a beneficial environment for germs, wet floors are also a slipping risk, which can lead to serious injuries. Be careful not to spray water all over when washing your hands.

As you can see, there are several tips to keep in mind when you walk into a public bathroom. Don’t overlook any of them to maintain your health and safety.

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